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The quality controls in the manufacturing process of ribbed inserts make it possible to guarantee that they fulfil their function correctly. Likewise, the materials and raw materials with which they are manufactured are also important. These two factors are the basis for ensuring that our direct customers and the ribbed insert users of your products can receive the best product. And more importantly, the tips are prepared to complete their job correctly until the end of their useful life.

Thus, to achieve this, the entire work chain of ribbed insert production must focus on quality controls.

Why do we need to carry out quality controls in the manufacture of ends?

For FORTAPS, the ribbed inserts are an essential part to improve the user experience when using various products.

Failure to carry out the necessary quality control is a great risk, and we condemn our direct customers (manufacturers of furniture, orthopaedic products, etc.) for not meeting them and not meeting their expectations. On the other hand, the value of a ferrule as a safety feature should not be underestimated. Imagine a person who needs crutches: when using the crutches, the tip of the crutches breaks or becomes loose. The consequences of the lack of quality controls mask the manufacturing process and the subsequent use of the product.

Quality controls of a ferrule in FORTAPS

All FORTAPS activities are carried out in strict compliance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, which has been certified by Bureau Veritas International Inspection Group for 18 years. For this, we have prepared a quality manual in accordance with the regulations. Its compliance means that we supervise all the processes carried out throughout the environment of our company. In addition to planning, supporting, and controlling operations, we evaluate their performance in this way and influence their improvement when appropriate.

Apart from this international quality certification, at FORTAPS we also adopt a term as a catalyst for our quality: traceability. This means that we begin to verify the quality of the product from the origin of the raw material used to make the product.

What aspects do we consider?

  • Material

The PELD and the PEHD are the materials that we choose to manufacture the ribbed inserts. High- and low-density polyethylene are high resistance materials that ensure the quality of its processing and results. Of course, these materials must meet their own quality control standards. In other words, it is related to its resistance to heat, hardness, or response to adverse conditions.

  • Design and production process

We start the production design by designing parts, which can come from the parts included in our catalogue or can be designed on demand according to the specific needs of the clients. In any case, we make sure that everything necessary to achieve its purpose is included in the planning of the item. Next, we use our own syringe, made of calibrated steel. To do this, we adopt the most advanced technology in computerized mechanization. This stage is essential because the best adaptation and obedience of the ribbed insert to the corresponding position must be verified.

  • Test under controlled conditions

As with any product, the quality controls in the manufacture of the ribbed inserts must include the results of the inspection. This means that it is necessary to verify its resistance and durability under the conditions of use. On the other hand, when the splint is used as an anti-slip device, its effectiveness must be empirically verified through the necessary tests. The same happens when its purpose is to eliminate noise or avoid leaving marks on the floor.

What else can FORTAPS offer?

In addition to quality control of the final piece itself, at FORTAPS we monitor everything that your manufacturing process involves, from start to finish. To this end, we also guarantee inventory and shipping. On the other hand, in the process itself and the materials we use, ecological and sustainable production. In addition to managing our own waste, the focus is on reuse.

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