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Environmental management system that we implement in FORTAPS

Environmental management system that we implement in FORTAPS

As we already mentioned in this post, an environmental management system is necessary. And we are aware that 3.5 billion plastic products are sold every year. Something that undoubtedly contributes to environmental pollution. In fact, almost 2.2 billion tons of plastic ends up in rivers and seas around the world. In addition, 90.5% of the plastic produced has never been recycled, and it is estimated that in 2050 the planet will have about 12,000 million tons of plastic waste.

Without clear visibility and traceability on the production of plastics and their recycling, it is and will be impossible to control pollution. Not only on an international scale, but simply on a local scale. Therefore, accountability policies and procedures are needed to create public awareness of both the situation and the progress made.


FORTAPS environmental management system: Which plastics?

It is true that there are many prejudices in society and, at the same time, a lot of misinformation. Unfortunately, given concepts that are already deeply rooted, it is very difficult to change public opinion. In the mind of the public – and this is partly true – plastics are linked to oil and, in general, to traditional chemical products and refineries. These are responsible for large amounts of pollutants released into the atmosphere, water and soil, and the largest accidents in the world.

Without a doubt, this generates mistrust towards this material and its production processes, aggravated by the fact that it is difficult to eliminate. Furthermore, it is one of the most difficult types of waste to treat and manage at the end of its useful life. Something that is correctly related to conventional plastics.

However, plastics, like all products, have evolved over time and continue to do so in this period, both in terms of processes and finished products. Process and product innovation is proceeding rapidly, also thanks to the discovery of new raw materials and additives that can achieve environmental friendliness.

In fact, we use environmental management in FORTAPS based on the zero-waste model, also called “zero waste” to avoid polluting waste, as we have already explained in the article “In FORTAPS we have zero-residue cycle”.


Not all plastics are derived from petroleum

Traditional plastics are derived from petroleum, a material that is already known to be running out. This raw material must be preserved for future generations and allowed to be used for future developments. Or, if there are no other solutions that can lead to synthesis by alternative routes. For this reason, at FORTAPS we apply another environmental management system based on improving energy efficiency in plastic injection.

In this sense, to obtain polymers suitable to produce plastics, processes that do not require chemical synthesis from fossil sources can also be used. And it is that, nowadays, there are several synthetic polymers that are not derived from petroleum. We can start from starch or sugars and, therefore, from vegetable substances.

There are also certain bacteria, such as Shewanella oneidensis, that can naturally synthesize polymers without genetic modification/manipulation; what turns them into so-called genetically modified organisms (GMOs). These microorganisms accumulate plastic precursor polymers such as polyhydroxyalkanoate as reserve material in their cellular structures (vacuoles). Something that opens a new frontier for plastics, including bioplastics. On a large scale, this can be achieved using bioreactors, i.e., biomass incubators. At the end of the cycle, the biomass is treated in a suitable way for the required purpose.

FORTAPS environmental management system: we recycle

And what is essential to complete an environmental management system at FORTAPS: we recycle and use recycled plastic to prevent environmental pollution.

If you are interested in being informed more about what environmental management is like in FORTAPS, you can ask us without any commitment. We will be delighted to speak with you.

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The complete process of manufacturing a ribbed insert in FORTAPS

The complete process of manufacturing a ribbed insert in FORTAPS

The manufacturing process of ribbed inserts consists of a series of steps, beginning with the request of the type of shape requested by the client, until its shipment. It is a process that requires some customization, depending on the measurements and design defined for each case.

The ribbed insert fulfill different functions. Depending on their goal, they are designed individually. Thus, the ribbed inserts can have different shapes and sizes. The oval ribbed inserts, for example, fulfill mainly decorative functions. While those that are placed in exterior pipes have more functional purposes, such as preventing moisture.

At FORTAPS, we detail the specific patterns according to these specifications. They must be manufactured with the dimensions and criteria chosen by each client.

Whatever the purpose or use, the manufacturing process of a ribbed insert consists of a series of steps that we detail below.


Manufacturing process of a ribbed insert


1. Conceptualization

We study the feasibility of the product according to the characteristics, use and requirements of each client. We focus on finding the best solution.

2. Design and manufacture of molds

We have our own mold manufacturing workshop, as well as a testing laboratory and two machinery centres. Currently, we have more than 800 active molds and 8 injection dams. This allows us to customize any ribbed insert design.

3. Programming and Calibration of Machines

We have high-tech German machinery, which allows us to obtain real-time information on production costs. Both depending on the energy, time and materials used.

4. Finished product and quality verification

Finished parts can be removed from the machine in just 3 seconds. We also automatically recycle any excess plastic.

5. Preparation of orders for shipment

An order begins an uninterrupted process and ends when our client receives the requested ribbed insert.

6. Logistics

As the last step in the manufacturing process of the ribbed insert, there is the logistics. The exhaustive control of shipments by geolocation allows us to provide information on the location of shipments at any time, avoid losses and communicate their status. Thus, all logistics services can be tracked.

For all these processes, at FORTAPS we carry out quality control. It is a way of ensuring that they work in the best possible way. Likewise, it is verified that the materials and raw materials from which the ribbed inserts are made.


Quality controls of a ribbed insert in FORTAPS

Quality control during the ribbed insert manufacturing process helps us guarantee the best possible product for our customers. More importantly, it gives us the certainty that the product is ready to function correctly until the end of its useful life.

To achieve this, the entire ribbed insert production chain must focus on quality control.


Regulatory compliance

Throughout the manufacturing process of a ribbed insert, at FORTAPS we strictly follow the ISO9001:2015 standard. This law has been, for 18 years, internationally certified by Bureau Veritas. To do this, we have developed a quality manual according to it. Its compliance audits that we monitor all the processes that are developed in the company. In addition, we evaluate its effectiveness and, if necessary, we influence an improvement.

In addition to this quality certification, at FORTAPS we have also adopted a term as a catalyst for quality: traceability. It is a process that allows us to verify the quality of our products, from the origin. That is, of the raw materials used to manufacture them.

Would you like to better understand the quality that we offer in our ribbed inserts manufacturing process? We tell you!

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Quality controls in the ribbed inserts manufacturing process

Quality controls in the ribbed inserts manufacturing process

The quality controls in the manufacturing process of ribbed inserts make it possible to guarantee that they fulfil their function correctly. Likewise, the materials and raw materials with which they are manufactured are also important. These two factors are the basis for ensuring that our direct customers and the ribbed insert users of your products can receive the best product. And more importantly, the tips are prepared to complete their job correctly until the end of their useful life.

Thus, to achieve this, the entire work chain of ribbed insert production must focus on quality controls.

Why do we need to carry out quality controls in the manufacture of ends?

For FORTAPS, the ribbed inserts are an essential part to improve the user experience when using various products.

Failure to carry out the necessary quality control is a great risk, and we condemn our direct customers (manufacturers of furniture, orthopaedic products, etc.) for not meeting them and not meeting their expectations. On the other hand, the value of a ferrule as a safety feature should not be underestimated. Imagine a person who needs crutches: when using the crutches, the tip of the crutches breaks or becomes loose. The consequences of the lack of quality controls mask the manufacturing process and the subsequent use of the product.

Quality controls of a ferrule in FORTAPS

All FORTAPS activities are carried out in strict compliance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, which has been certified by Bureau Veritas International Inspection Group for 18 years. For this, we have prepared a quality manual in accordance with the regulations. Its compliance means that we supervise all the processes carried out throughout the environment of our company. In addition to planning, supporting, and controlling operations, we evaluate their performance in this way and influence their improvement when appropriate.

Apart from this international quality certification, at FORTAPS we also adopt a term as a catalyst for our quality: traceability. This means that we begin to verify the quality of the product from the origin of the raw material used to make the product.

What aspects do we consider?

  • Material

The PELD and the PEHD are the materials that we choose to manufacture the ribbed inserts. High- and low-density polyethylene are high resistance materials that ensure the quality of its processing and results. Of course, these materials must meet their own quality control standards. In other words, it is related to its resistance to heat, hardness, or response to adverse conditions.

  • Design and production process

We start the production design by designing parts, which can come from the parts included in our catalogue or can be designed on demand according to the specific needs of the clients. In any case, we make sure that everything necessary to achieve its purpose is included in the planning of the item. Next, we use our own syringe, made of calibrated steel. To do this, we adopt the most advanced technology in computerized mechanization. This stage is essential because the best adaptation and obedience of the ribbed insert to the corresponding position must be verified.

  • Test under controlled conditions

As with any product, the quality controls in the manufacture of the ribbed inserts must include the results of the inspection. This means that it is necessary to verify its resistance and durability under the conditions of use. On the other hand, when the splint is used as an anti-slip device, its effectiveness must be empirically verified through the necessary tests. The same happens when its purpose is to eliminate noise or avoid leaving marks on the floor.

What else can FORTAPS offer?

In addition to quality control of the final piece itself, at FORTAPS we monitor everything that your manufacturing process involves, from start to finish. To this end, we also guarantee inventory and shipping. On the other hand, in the process itself and the materials we use, ecological and sustainable production. In addition to managing our own waste, the focus is on reuse.

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At FORTAPS we implement an environmental management system

At FORTAPS we implement an environmental management system

Industrial development and the production of goods in the field of ribbed inserts has been a task that we have carried out for more than 20 years. Experience in the sector has allowed us at FORTAPS, suppliers of ends, to implement an environmental management system. If you want to know more, keep reading this article.

As we know, global warming and the decline of the planet’s non-renewable resources are a reality. Increasingly, governments, companies and citizens are called to rethink their actions to counteract these evils. FORTAPS, supplier of ribbed inserts, is not far behind. Along these lines, we have modified industrial processes to achieve the best quality standards and, in turn, reduce their environmental impact.

And it is not only about offering a good service and quality products, but it must be done in a responsible way. This world belongs to everyone, and together we must take care of it.

We are the solution for all those who need ribbed inserts, ferrule, adjustable feet, and end caps. Likewise, we have an optimized system for receiving orders, manufacturing, stock, and distribution of our products. In addition to that, we make a responsible use of resources and waste.

What is an environmental management system?

When we talk about an environmental management system, we refer to all those tasks that seek to adapt an organization or company to what is known as sustainable development. Under this logic, the work carried out must comply with the highest number of indicators considered in the world and in Spain as responsible with the environment.

In this sense, FORTAPS, supplier of ribbed inserts, has not been left behind. Thus, our tools and manufacturing processes for ribbed inserts, ferrule, adjustable feet, and end caps have been adapted to sustainable development.

The benefits of these responsible actions help save energy and resources. This translates into better management within the company and greater protection of the planet. These tasks carried out through our environmental management system also have a positive impact on the quality of our products and have allowed FORTAPS to have an excellent reputation in the market. There are already more than 8,000 our satisfied customers.

Without a doubt, FORTAPS is positioned as a responsible company regarding environmental effects and that complies with national regulations in this regard. Among the certificates that prove it is the Bureau Veritas that we have had since 2003. Likewise, FORTAPS always tries to improve. Therefore, our processes will continue to be constantly reviewed to be able to keep up with responsible and safe environmental management. We continue to use better quality and safer materials.

What can you find in FORTAPS, supplier of ribbed inserts?

In our store you can find the largest number of ribbed inserts available on the market, and those that are not custom designed. The experience of FORTAPS, supplier of ribbed inserts, has earned it positive references and more clients that add to our portfolio.

The ribbed inserts available in FORTAPS have different shapes: square, round, rectangular, oval. There are also external ribbed inserts or levelling feet and special ribbed inserts. Our work not only focuses on the sale of pre-designed ribbed inserts since we specialize in the conceptualization and design of new pieces that adapt to the needs of our clients.

The quality of our products is proven by our thousands of customers and the years of experience we have. Not only that, but we are also committed to maintaining and perfecting our environmental management system to continue contributing to the care of the planet. Our manufacturing processes and tools continue to be improved to avoid harmful effects on the environment and to be part of the solution.

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In FORTAPS we have a zero-residue cycle

In FORTAPS we have a zero-residue cycle

Currently, the contributions that companies can make to the establishment of a sustainable production model are vital to reduce the impact on the environment. One of these contributions is based on the implementation of the “zero waste” system or zero waste cycle. It refers to the principles that aspire to reuse products so that they do not end up becoming waste or garbage that causes contamination.

At FORTAPS, we efficiently implement this system that lengthens the life cycle of objects and the materials that compose them, including the highest possible percentage of reusable and planet-friendly material in the composition of our products. A very different model from most other manufacturers of plastic products that can take between one and four centuries to degrade.


The zero-residue model

According to the International Zero Waste Alliance, ZWIA for its acronym, the zero-waste cycle is based on achieving “the conservation of all resources through the production, consumption, reuse and responsible recovery of all products, packaging and materials, without burning them and without dumping them on the ground, water or air so that they do not threaten the environment or human health”

For this international alliance, to achieve this complete objective for producers and manufacturers in favour of a more efficient sustainable development model. Also, that it does not seriously harm the condition of the planet or the health of people. In addition, for the zero-waste cycle, it is important that there is also a commitment from consumers. This is because changing habits and priorities is necessary at all levels of society and the economy.

For FORTAPS, the concept of zero waste goes beyond recycling and composting at the end of a product’s life cycle.


FORTAPS and its eco-friendly system

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of all types of ribbed inserts and related products. As part of the company’s commitment to conserving the environment and the planet’s resources, in addition to putting into practice the zero-waste production model, the company implements another series of measures. All of them guarantee that the environmental impact of their products and their manufacturing process is as low as possible.

The FORTAPS recycling process has been a zero-waste cycle since 1996. The company applies a unique recycling process that allows reducing all the waste produced in the manufacturing processes, thanks to the total reuse of the material. In addition, the materials used to manufacture our tips are non-toxic. They are based on polyethylene raw materials that do not have toxic components and make their reuse possible.

At FORTAPS, we have dedicated ourselves to achieving a completely self-sustaining power supply model. Constantly investing in low consumption technologies, heat exchangers. Also, in other types of strategies that allow a rational and sustainable use of electricity.

Another of FORTAPS contributions to the zero-waste cycle and sustainable development is that we have completely dispensed with paper document management. We have adopted digital systems that are more efficient and generate less waste. In addition, all the company’s vehicles are 100% electric, so they do not contribute to greenhouse gas pollution.


Without a doubt, FORTAPS is a benchmark for completely sustainable and environmentally friendly production. With all our policies of conscious production we seek to contribute to the conservation of the planet and its resources. Also inspire and set an example for other companies to follow our steps in favour of a sustainable development model.

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4 advantages of choosing FORTAPS as your supplier of ribbed inserts

4 advantages of choosing FORTAPS as your supplier of ribbed inserts

FORTAPS is a company focused on the conceptualization, design, manufacture, and commercialization of plastic protective parts. This constantly growing company is characterized by innovation, providing its products with the highest quality and guaranteed excellence of the most cutting-edge in its production processes.

Ribbed inserts, end caps and stops, all types of rubber stoppers are available from this leading company in the ribbed inserts sector. With more than 20 years of experience, FORTAPS offers solutions in injection of technical plastics, thermoplastics, elastomers, and polyamides.

Likewise, FORTAPS applies advanced engineering techniques in the manufacture of its own injection mold designs, innovating in the composition of materials to improve their properties and optimizing all phases of the manufacturing process with the latest technologies in computerized mechanization. All this, to guarantee customers the highest quality products and efficient care in each of the aspects.


The importance of ribbed inserts

The ribbed inserts are the small pieces of rubber where all our weight rests, either on a chair or furniture, or on a walker. Although they are small elements, sometimes forgettable, the ribbed inserts fulfil essential functions in our day to day, and at FORTAPS we know it. For this reason, we invest in the best technological and industrial resources in the manufacture of the ribbed inserts.

In addition, in the industrial context, the ribbed inserts play fundamental roles protecting machinery parts from contact with other surfaces that can end up damaging the functionality of the structure, reducing its useful life, or even causing safety failures.

A chair without ribbed inserts is uncomfortable, and a cane without ribbed inserts will probably not even do its job properly. This is not to mention that these small pieces of elastic material extend the useful life and keep any type of tube where they are placed in good condition. This is the relevance of having FORTAPS, a supplier of ends that prioritizes the quality of the products.


Why choose FORTAPS?

There are multiple reasons to choose FORTAPS. Here are the most important:

1. Variety

There are many types of ribbed inserts, which are determined by their function. Although many times its elaboration is a custom work on request, there are different models of ferrules that cover different structures and situations. Specifically, square, round, rectangular, oval, exterior tips, levelling feet, among others, are made.

In FORTAPS you will find the best type of end piece according to your individual needs. In addition, on our website you will have an intelligent search engine that will help you decide which of the various types of end pieces available to choose.

2. Personalized attention

At FORTAPS you have the best personalized service on the market. The pieces are customizable according to the individual needs of each client, being able to print them with the client’s logo, modifying pre-existing molds to adapt the piece to specific uses. Likewise, special molds are manufactured, and customized solutions are developed, being able to inject the piece in special colours according to the order. The variety of possibilities characterizes FORTAPS and places it above other end cap providers on the market.

3. Greater economy

Thanks to its characteristic quality and efficiency, FORTAPS guarantees that the products will be available at the best market price. In this way, all budgets are adjusted proportionally to quality and price.

4. Immediate response

In FORTAPS digital document management systems are adopted that allow streamlining the response processes, facilitating the exchange of information between clients and the company. In addition, document accessibility and traceability are offered, saving time, and providing greater data security.


Without a doubt, FORTAPS is a leader in the ribbed inserts sector, its personalized services provide greater security and reliability, as well as a high quality of results.


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