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The life span of rubber ferrules for outdoor use

The life span of rubber ferrules for outdoor use

Rubber ferrules are items that play an important role when used outdoors. Thanks to their qualities, certain pieces of furniture and other types of structures can adequately fulfill their function.

Everything will be explained below.

What are rubber ferrules used for outdoors?

Rubber ferrules are pieces that, although small in size, have multiple uses.

On the one hand, they serve as a protective element. If you use them as an additional part of various pieces of furniture, this will prevent outside floors from showing marks. In fact, they can also be placed on the furniture in your home to protect your interior floors.

On the other hand, they are great safety measures in the same way, but this time for personal safety. Placing them at the end of poles with irregular or splintered ends, helps to care for those who handle them, or people who are close to the structure. So, using them avoids possible cuts or scratches.

They also become safety components when assembling or disassembling structures, or during usage. Imagine that you set up a metal pergola in your garden. Thius kind of structure is usually made from metal poles. The rubber tips will function here as endings to prevent accidents.

In addition, as an integral part of tables or chairs, they are also noise absorbers. The rubber silences any dragging movements on the ground surface. They also work to prevent this kind of furniture from slipping, and make it easier to grip.

They also help maintain the cleanliness of the inside of the poles which form structures. As endings, they close off the pole and prevent dirt or moisture from degrading the structure.

We must not forget their daily contribution to the lives of those who need accessories to improve mobility, like crutches or canes.

Types of outdoor rubber ferrules

At FORTAPS, we are concerned with offering a wide variety. This is why our product catalogue shows off, one by one, all the models of outdoor rubber ferrules that we manufacture.

You may be wondering why there is so much variety. The answer is simple: we want to meet the needs of every customer. We offer different shapes, diameter sizes, finishes, etc. In addition, in order to optimise our response to each order, we offer tailor-made solutions for your needs, following the guidelines you give us.

These are the types of rubber tip for outdoor use that we manufacture in our facilities:

  • External for canes with metal ring.
  • Flexible external ring.
  • Reinforced exterior.
  • Rectangular exterior.
  • Round exterior.
  • Square exterior.
  • Flexible quare exterior.

What is the useful life span of outdoor rubber ferrules?

At FORTAPS, we take the utmost care in the manufacture of our products, and we try to master all the factors involved in the processes in depth. Therefore, we know that talking about the useful life of external rubber ferrules means talking about the resistance and durability of materials that we make them with.

We work with virgin material, which has a number of benefits. On the one hand, it guarantees the optimisation of the quality of the manufacturing processes. And, on the other, it helps to extend the life of the products we make.

What materials do we use?

As you can see, to create the rubber ferrules in our catalogue, we mainly use three materials:

It is obtained through a chemical process (vulcanization) that acts on the natural rubber. Through the action of sulphur, and high temperature, a material with very useful industrial properties is obtained: these are elasticity, electrical insulation and waterproofing.

It’s a mixture of two polymers (rubber and plastic) to obtain a new material with the most useful characteristics of both: elasticity and resistance.


  • Low density polyethylene

It has great resistance to shock. It is flexible and easy to work with, but at the same time, its thermal and chemical resistance makes it a perfect option to create our pieces.

As for the colours of our pieces, we use black and white, as the standard colours (and some grey).  But, upon request, the injection can be carried out in a wide range of tones.

The properties of the materials we use are very useful for the components we manufacture. For that reason, they withstand any weather conditions they may be exposed to. Sunlight, humidity or variation in heat can create very harsh environments, but our rubber ferrules are capable of withstanding them.

At FORTAPS we have a philosophy based on quality and commitment to satisfy our customers. Contact us and we’ll answer all your questions.

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