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At Fortaps, we have an increasing number of customers in the photovoltaic sector who are demanding the manufacture of our ferrules. This is because we are a company with more than 25 years of experience in the technical plastic injection sector, having developed as an international company and with the aim of obtaining the highest quality and excellence in our products. Today we will talk about ferrules in photovoltaic plant structures.

In addition, we have extensive experience in the installation of solar panels, as it aligns with our commitment to the environment and our environmental management system.


Components of photovoltaic systems


In order to function properly, photovoltaic systems have components of high technological value. These range from the wiring system to inverters, photovoltaic modules, batteries and monitoring systems, among others.

However, the fact remains that the whole of this technological value rests on a metal structure which acts as a load-bearing structure. The elements of this metal structure must, for their part, meet and correspond to the same requirements.

Taking this into account, both manufacturers and installers of photovoltaic panels are currently undergoing a major development due to the trend towards sustainability. Therefore, they are offering larger and more numerous installations.

The most important of these are the “solar gardens“, which have metal tube supporting structures that need to withstand the elements: gusts of rain and wind, extreme temperatures that may occur in the area where they are installed, etc.



Installation of the solar panel supports


In order to function properly, solar panel mounts tend to be anchored to the ground using large metal tube structures, i.e. 100, 120, 140 and 200 mm. This is to avoid some common and detrimental effects such as galloping or fluttering.

Fluttering is the aeroelastic instability generated by the wind and is characterised by large amplitude oscillations in structures. This, in turn, ends up producing a movement that can end up causing problems. Thus, the structures and the supported photovoltaic panels can be affected and end up “flying”.

At Fortaps, with our experience, we are well aware of this effect and how detrimental it can be to structures and facilities in general. We know this because our facilities are located adjacent to an airport. This means that they are in areas that are not very sheltered from the wind, as there are no tall buildings around them. That is why the solar roof of our manufacturing plant has been designed according to a casuistry that consists of a photovoltaic self-consumption installation, such as the one we realised with Wingreen mounted with a customised type of structure.


Fortaps ferrules to protect metal tubes in photovoltaic plant structures


Understanding the above aspects, manufacturers and installers are increasingly looking for effective tools to protect metal tube ends from the negative effects of moisture and corrosion caused by climatic exposure.

Faced with the need for these companies to protect metal tubes and thus guarantee the safety of supporting structures, installers are increasingly relying on Fortaps and the ferrules that we manufacture in-house.


Why use ferrules to protect metal tubes and structures in photovoltaic plant structures?


In order to understand this better, it is necessary to refer to the purpose of the ferrules. They ultimately aim to reduce the execution time of the structures, as well as the costs involved. This, without losing sight of the strict compliance with safety requirements.

In addition, the ferrules that we manufacture at Fortaps are characterised by their reliability, being able to replace the metal plates and caps that are welded to the end of the tubes.

Finally, these ferrules are manufactured from certified virgin materials and are highly weather-resistant for use in open spaces. They are resistant to environmental corrosion and also to the negative effects of UV exposure. All this has an impact on the durability and service life of the overall installation.


Solutions for the photovoltaic sector by Fortaps


In view of the above-mentioned aspects, we at Fortaps respond to the demands of customers in the photovoltaic sector by developing ferrules for special metal profiles. Here we include specialised ferrules that can be branded with the logo and company colours of the individual customer, in order to achieve a structure that reflects the personality of the brand.

To achieve this, at Fortaps we constantly work in collaboration between our technical department and the technical department of each individual customer. On our website you can find all the information you need to know about how our ferrules work and the benefits they can bring you.


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