Quality, commitment and sustainability


customer satisfaction

We build lasting relationships based on transparency, trust and commitment.

Compliance with all current laws and regulations

We guarantee the highest levels of quality and safety.


We adopt process control mechanisms aimed at continuous improvement.


From conception to the design and manufacture of the pieces, our entire range has the same technical level, finishes and quality.

Vendor management

Commitment to our suppliers, we foster solid alliances based on trust and professionalism.


We establish and define verification points from the request of requirements by the client to the delivery of the product.

Detection of possible incidents

Monitoring and traceability of all production, from start to finish.


Implementation of an environmental management system established by current legislation in order to identify and prevent possible environmental effects of our activity, minimizing the impact on the environment.


Reuse of 100% of the surplus, establishing a cycle of zero waste.

Quality Control

FORTAPS quality control

At FORTAPS, we implement rigorous quality controls throughout the entire manufacturing process from design to verification of each of the pieces, allowing us to guarantee that our products and services satisfy the request of our clients' requirements.

The traceability of all production allows us to detect any anomaly or deviation, taking the appropriate corrective measures to correct it immediately.

We apply the necessary criteria and methods to ensure the efficiency of operations and the control of these processes.

We carry out regular maintenance checks on the molds to ensure the quality of their parts.

We carry out periodic inspections applying measurement and testing methods for each product and thus guarantee the constant maintenance of the characteristics and quality criteria, so as to ensure the reliability of its results.

Identification, monitoring and periodic evaluation of the direct and indirect environmental impacts generated in the life cycle of our products and services.

FORTAPS quality guarantee

All FORTAPS activity is carried out in accordance with our Quality Manual, based on the ISO9001: 2015 quality management standard and certified by Bureau Veritas since 2003.

All our products are manufactured in our facilities under strict production and quality parameters, complying with current legislation (REACH, RoHS).

FORTAPS's main objective is sustainable growth, based on obtaining the best quality for our products and guaranteeing that our activities are respectful of the environment.

Download our certifications:

ISO FORTAPS quality certificate
ROHS FORTAPS quality certificate
Quality Policy FORTAPS
General Conditions of Sale FORTAPS
REACH FORTAPS quality certificate

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