How do we do it?

Conception, design and manufacture at the highest level of quality

Our standards require us to:

Comply with all quality standards and current legislation

Have a final product adapted to the client's needs

Select non-toxic polyethylene raw materials
We discarded the use of PVC for environmental and recycling reasons.

Design and manufacture our own moulds with calibrated steels 

Implement the latest technologies in computerised mechanization

Control the processes aimed at continuous improvement

Fabrication process

An order begins an uninterrupted process that ends when our client receives the requested merchandise:

Step 1: Concept of the solution for the design of the ribbed inserts

Conceptualisation of the solution

We study the viability of the product based on the requirements of use, characteristics and properties, looking for the best solutions to offer the ideal product that the client needs.

Design and construction of moulds

We have our own mould manufacturing workshop, a testing laboratory and two machining centres. We currently have more than 800 active moulds and we have eight injection dams. This allows us to customize any design and piece.

Step 2: At FORTAPS we design and build the molds for the manufacture of the ribbed inserts
Step 3: We program and calibrate our machinery

Machine programming and calibration

We have high-tech German machinery that allows us to obtain real-time information on production costs based on time, energy and material used.

Finished product + Quality verification

The completely finished part comes out of the machine, in just 3 seconds. We also recycle all excess plastic automatically.

Step 4: Once the product is finished, we check the quality of the ribbed inserts
Step 5: We bag and prepare the order of ribbed inserts

Bagging and order picking

An order begins an uninterrupted process that ends when our client receives the requested merchandise.


The issuance process has been completely automated.

Any product manufacturing process has the intrinsic purpose of its sale and distribution, and this is where the other important component of success resides.

Step 6: Our dispatch process is fully automated
Step 7: Logistics and full traceability of the ribbed insert piece shipment


The detailed control of shipments by geolocation allows us to provide information at all times about the whereabouts of shipments, avoid losses, and notify the status of the shipment. There is total traceability of the logistics service.

Plastics Engineering

Injection Moulds


Material property

Innovation and Automation

Our FORTAPS team is made up of mechanical engineers and automation experts committed to innovation, contributing with new, more efficient processes and higher quality materials available to our clients to create prototypes and solutions tailored to their needs.

An order begins an uninterrupted process that ends when our client receives the requested merchandise.

For a sustainable future

We are aware of our responsibility not only towards the employees of our company, but also towards the environment. FORTAPS's main objective is to guarantee that our activities are respectful of the environment and we are committed to the recycling of materials for their preservation. We are committed to creating long-term value and leading a sustainable growth model.

We wanted to incorporate the concept, essential for us, of environmentally friendly production. For this we act under the following premises:

Recycling process. Zero waste

At FORTAPS we recycle with zero waste in our process

Since 1996, respect for the environment has been one of the principles on which the development strategies of our company are designed.

For this reason, we apply our own recycling processes that allow us to reduce to zero all the waste produced in the manufacturing processes with the reuse of the material.

Non toxicity of materials

The materials used in the manufacture of ribbed inserts are not toxic

The selection of polyethylene raw materials (LDPE, HDPE, PA6.6, ABS, SBS / SEBS) do not contain toxic components in their composition and their recycling allows them to be reusable.

We discard the use of PVC for environmental and recycling reasons.

Energy self-sufficiency

FORTAPS is totally self-sufficient in energy

FORTAPS continuously invests in low-consumption technologies, heat exchangers and any other energy use strategy that contributes to the sustainability of our activity.

Another proof of this is the installation of our photovoltaic solar roof with a capacity of 85 kW that allows us to self-generate 60% of our energy consumption.

Paperless office

Sustainable FORTAPS offices by eliminating the use of paper

Our commitment to the environment leads us to adopt digital document management systems, eliminating the use of paper while improving efficiency.

Clean energy

At FORTAPS we are committed to clean energy

We are committed to clean energy. 100% ecological electric cars that do not emit polluting gases and contribute to the reduction of noise pollution.

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