What do we do?

Our rubber and plastic ribbeds

We manufacture all kinds of rubber and plastic ferrules, in different sizes, shapes and colors.

We are specialists in the transformation of plastics by injection.

Our activity focuses on the design, manufacture and marketing of plastic protectors: end caps, end caps and stops.

In the production of the pieces we use virgin raw material, non-toxic. The parts are injected in PELD (Low Density Polyethylene) except for the flanges and threads which, as they require greater hardness, are manufactured in PEHD (High Density Polyethylene), the chrome-plated ones are manufactured in ABS and the non-slip ones in thermoplastic rubber.

All materials are 100% recyclable and highly durable.

We ruled out the use of PVC for obvious environmental and recycling reasons. The outer surface of the pieces (except chrome) has a "matte" finish, this is eroded. Inside them, to facilitate their identification, the exact diameter or tube interval to which they adapt has been marked.

In addition to its more than 1,500 | 750 references, with a wide variety of measures, formats and colors, also personalize the ends, to satisfy all needs.

Our offer in customized solutions

Design and development of customized solutions

We design and manufacture plastic injection molds for special parts

In addition to our references, which cover most of the needs in terms of measurements and formats, we are able to make, on demand, new references that fit your requirements.

The design of the plastic parts is carried out with the latest technologies in computerized mechanization, which allows us to guarantee a reliable and precision result. Our molds are designed with calibrated steels.

The design involves the study of the functional requirements of the product. We perform simulations to quantify the limitations of the part to offer the most optimal solution.

Delivery Time: 15 days after order confirmation.

FORTAPS Plastic Injection Mold Design Team

Our Technical Office with more than 20 years of experience, is able to accompany you in the development of a tailored product to respond to a specific need.

Tailored Ferrules

Branded Personalization

We personalize the pieces with the logo, corporate identity, or product reference. High relief engravings in injection molds.

Delivery Time: 6 days after order confirmation.

Custom tailored ferrules with your brand


We apply modifications to existing molds to adapt to specific uses.

Delivery Time: 6 days after order confirmation.

Ferrules modified based on existing parts in the catalog

Colors on demand

We inject weather resistant color parts:

Standard colors: white, black and some gray standards.  

Colors based on the RAL range and standards

Chrome plated by metallic deposition in a gloss or matt silver finish on the ABS parts

Translucent material, a discreet and versatile option that matches all tube colors

Delivery period 48h after order confirmation.

Configure the ferrule that best suits your needs

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