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Avoid stock outs with an efficient ribbed inserts manufacturer

Avoid stock outs with an efficient ribbed inserts manufacturer

Stock breakages occur when, upon receiving an order for a certain product or raw material from a client, the company does not have it in its warehouses, either completely or in the quantities and conditions specified by the client. This means that the purchase cannot be satisfied, which has extremely detrimental consequences for any company.

Therefore, out of stock implies the loss of a sale. In addition, they directly affect the image of the company in front of the client and can be labelled as inefficient. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to have efficient suppliers that have adequate control over their stock and that have a sufficient production rate to be able to satisfy your demand.


The excellent assortment of tips from FORTAPS

At FORTAPS we are leaders in the sector in ribbed inserts, ferrule, adjustable feet and end caps and we are known for keeping our inventory stocked throughout the year. Therefore, stock outs are not a problem for our customers. Likewise, we efficiently control delivery times to guarantee the satisfaction of all our orders. We also implement a permanent inventory system that leaves no room for stock outs.

We can predict the demand of our customers thanks to our efficient logistics team, which allows us to supply many different customers with ribbed inserts and other products from our catalogue without experiencing deficiencies in our warehouses. This has positioned us as the main suppliers of ribbed inserts in the country, satisfying the demand for these important structures for all types of furniture, chairs, various tubes and even walking sticks and walkers.


Excellent stock management

Any stock management manoeuvre is based on the balance that must exist between the demand for the product and its availability in the warehouse. When this balance is disturbed, terrible stockouts occur, damaging both the customer and the company.

In FORTAPS this balance is maintained above all things, since we know the importance of complying with the demands of our clients, guaranteeing them the best experience with our brand. Thanks to this, nowadays, many know the quality of our products and services from our frequent customers. Which translates into higher productivity.


Out of stock? Not with FORTAPS

At FORTAPS we offer the best products and services on the market thanks to the characteristics that position us as a benchmark for efficiency and good treatment for our customers.

Our stock is permanent and allows us to offer the entire catalogue without the need for constant stock inventories. In this way, we stay away from annoying stock outs and efficiently fulfil each of our orders. In the process we ship the merchandise on your behalf to third parties to expedite the service and help with the profitability of your business.

The pieces of FORTAPS are personalized with the client’s logo, being able to modify pre-existing molds to adapt the part to specific uses, we design and manufacture special molds, we develop customized solutions, and, in addition, we can inject the piece in any colour that the client requests.

By choosing FORTAPS as your supplier of ribbed inserts, you not only will avoid suffering the bad times that come with stock outs, but you will also be able to enjoy the best products and services at the best price on the market for ribbed inserts and other related pieces of guaranteed quality. We make them with virgin material that guarantees a longer duration and homogeneity of the product.


Definitely, stock outs are one of the most annoying situations that can happen to a customer. Fortunately, at FORTAPS we offer permanent stock to all those who require a constant and efficient assortment of ribbed inserts. Enjoying the highest quality and the best price available in the market.


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Types of the ribbed inserts for walking sticks

Types of the ribbed inserts for walking sticks

The ribbed inserts play fundamental roles in all types of furniture with different functions. Some of them might not be able to do their job properly or be of any use if it weren’t for these little pieces of rubber. Among some of the most important functions they fulfil are the ribbed inserts for walking sticks, crutches, and walkers.

The ribbed inserts are an essential part of the structure of many pieces of furniture, since, without them, these pieces of furniture would not do their job properly. In this sense, we highlight the ribbed inserts for walking sticks since their role is essential for people with reduced mobility.


What are ribbed inserts and why are they so important?

The ribbed inserts are small pieces made, generally, of a flexible and resistant material. They are used as a completion for certain objects with different uses. For example, the legs of different types of furniture such as chairs and tables, walking sticks, even umbrellas. These elements provide protection at the bottom of their components, whether they are cylindrical or tubular.

Although these small components can go unnoticed by many people, they are of great importance for the correct functioning of many objects. Most of them are present in many aspects of our daily lives. Knowing the different types of ribbed inserts, to which structures they correspond and their different functions, is extremely important to guarantee their maximum use.

In general, the ribbed inserts are already incorporated into the different objects that require them from the factory. However, it is also possible to buy them individually to replace those that are damaged or worn.


Ribbed inserts for walking sticks

The constant presence of the ribbed inserts in such a diversity of objects shows their importance in the correct functioning of many different pieces. Specifically, the ribbed inserts for walking sticks have the function of protecting the tip that comes into contact with the ground. As well as the surface on which they rest, avoiding direct contact between them.

The ribbed inserts are designed with great care. In addition, they are made with exact measurements, according to their function. For this reason, we can find ribbed inserts for walking sticks of various shapes, sizes, functions, and materials. Likewise, in the case of walking sticks, together with walkers and crutches, design ribbed inserts are essential so that they can provide an adequate assistance service to people who have some difficulty in their movement.

The types of mobility supports are specialized according to the pathology with which they are intended to treat. Likewise, the ribbed inserts for this type of object are diversified into different models. All of them are adapted to the different conditions of use.


Resistant and flexible

It should be noted that the ribbed insert for mobility supports have as a common feature their resistance in relation to other types of ribbed inserts, since they must resist the entire weight of a person supported on a single point. In addition, they present great flexibility, which gives freedom of movement and allows the person to function in a more versatile way without any risk of falling.

In summary, the ribbed inserts are essential in all types of structures. They are fundamental parts of the design of a wide variety of objects with varied functions. Specifically, the ribbed inserts for walking sticks represent one of the most useful and important varieties that exist.


At FORTAPS we have ribbed inserts of all types. Specifically, we offer ribbed inserts for walking sticks at very competitive prices. You can visit our website to see the entire specific catalog. We also offer advice for any questions.


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Ribbed inserts for ladders and metal structures

Ribbed inserts for ladders and metal structures

The ribbed inserts are a fundamental part of a great diversity of objects, having an important role in the correct functioning of all of them. Among all the models, the ribbed inserts for ladders and metal structures stand out, being essential in their design for proper use.

The ribbed inserts are pieces generally made of flexible and resistant material. They are used as completions on ladders and metal structures, as well as on walking sticks, umbrellas, chair legs, tables, and other pieces of furniture. Its main function is to provide protection to the bottom of cylindrical or tubular objects.

These small components can go unnoticed by most people. However, these are essential parts for the proper functioning of a wide variety of objects. Knowing their different functions and importance is vital to guarantee their maximum use as protection and security pieces.

Importance of the ribbed inserts

The ribbed inserts are usually attached from the factory to the different objects that require them. Although, nowadays it is also possible to buy ribbed inserts, either by packages or individually, according to the required needs.

Likewise, the ribbed inserts are elements of a small size and of a cost that, in general, is relatively low. For this reason, they do not usually attract too much attention. Surely there are many people who do not even know with certainty the name of these very fundamental rubber pieces. However, their constant presence is no coincidence since they play a fundamental role in lengthening the useful life of objects. In addition, they provide an aesthetic value and protection against direct contact with the ground or any other surface.

The ribbed inserts, in general, look like small pieces of rubber whose design fits perfectly with the metal structure or ladder to which they are incorporated. They are made based on strict design specifications provided by different manufacturers according to their requirements. This is because they must fit perfectly with their respective structure to be able to carry out their functions correctly.

Types of ribbed inserts

There are different types of ribbed inserts available at Fortaps, and they are classified according to their design, size, and material from which they are made. In addition, it should be noted that each type of ladder and metal structure, in general, requires a specific type of ribbed insert for its design.

A clear example of this would be the ribbed insert similar to rubber plugs that are found at the end of the legs of the chairs and have the function of stopping the deterioration of the legs and the surface on which they rest.

Another of the best examples of the important role that ribbed inserts play in the maintenance and functionality of an object are the ribbed inserts for ladder. These are not only responsible for protecting the bases of the ladder from direct contact with the ground, but they also have a much more important function related to the safety of people.

The ribbed inserts in ladders and metallic structures

Ladder ribbed inserts act as a safety anchor, keeping the ladder stable while in use. They also protect the physical integrity of people. That is why it is so important to have quality ribbed inserts for this type of item, and to constantly verify that they are in good condition.

As we have seen, the ribbed inserts are pieces that are of fundamental importance in many aspects of everyday life, such as the ribbed inserts on the ladder and different metal structures. They ensure that the elements in which they are incorporated will perform their functions in the best way, for as long as possible without any inconvenience or excessive deterioration.


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What are the advantages of thermoplastic rubber for ribbed inserts?

What are the advantages of thermoplastic rubber for ribbed inserts?

Ribbed inserts are items found on many furniture that we use every day, but rarely notice. These small pieces of thermoplastic rubber are used as finishes for tubular furniture legs, canes or any type of tubular element that requires sealing one end.

Ribbed inserts are fundamental elements in the structure of the furniture, whether they are chairs with steel tube legs or hollow profile legs. It is thanks to these small elements that a chair can function properly. Without them, the chair would lose an important part of its comfort. Additionally, ribbed inserts for items such as canes and walking aids allow them to properly perform their important function of assisting movement.

So, although they are parts that go unnoticed most of the time, they are present in many aspects of daily life and are of utmost importance for the proper functioning of elements that are essential for the mobility of many people.



How are the ribbed inserts made?

The first step in the manufacture of a ribbed insert is the part design process. At FORTAPS we design them depending on the type of tube with which they will have to work and according to the function they perform.

Later we proceed to the choice of the materials with which the ribbed inserts will be printed. This is also conditional on the type of function that is planned for the ribbed insert once printed. For example, for chairs that will rest on carpets, harder and more resistant materials are used so that they do not sink. It should be noted that thermoplastic rubber is one of the favourite materials for the manufacture of ribbed inserts due to its non-slip properties.

The creation of molds and injection of the same with the favourite material is the last step of the production process of the ribbed inserts. The molds, in general, are manufactured with special characteristics according to each company.



What is thermoplastic rubber?

Thermoplastic elastomers, also called thermoplastic rubbers, rubber, caucho or flexible PVC, are a type of material generally originated from the physical mixture between a plastic and a rubber. This particular blend results in a material with both thermoplastic and elastomeric characteristics. Thermoplastic rubbers, unlike thermosets, are easier to use in the manufacture of parts such as ribbed inserts in injection molding processes. These combine the characteristic advantages of both rubber and plastic materials.

Due to the degree of interlinking of its structures, this type of material has a high degree of elasticity that makes it very useful in the manufacture of pieces such as ribbed inserts.



What advantages does the manufacture of ribbed inserts offer?

  • Thermoplastic rubbers are recyclable because they can be reused after being transformed.
  • They have elastic properties typical of rubbers.
  • It is not necessary to add additives before processing, since as in plastics, in general, the manufacturer has already added the additives in their manufacture, and it is only necessary to add the colorants.
  • They can be easily coloured with the usual pigments.
  • They consume less energy than thermoset elastomers in their transformation.
  • The quality control of the finished product is easier.



Besides ribbed inserts, what can be done with thermoplastic rubber?

The use of thermoplastic rubbers is widespread due to their multiple applications. Its so varied uses are given by its versatile mechanical properties: mainly its residual deformation and its elastic recovery, in addition to its resistance to temperature. They also have various applications in construction, for the manufacture of insulated window profiles, expansion joints, weather protection profiles, among other elements. In industry it is used to manufacture anti-vibration parts, anti-slip parts, cable protectors, soft washers, connectors, etc.

As we have seen, thermoplastic rubber is an extremely useful material with many applications. One of them is for the manufacture of the ribbed inserts. Undoubtedly, it is a very versatile raw material, which has characteristics that make it a great allied of the industry.


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Ribbed inserts for chairs: 5 aspects to consider.

Ribbed inserts for chairs: 5 aspects to consider.

The ribbed inserts are a fundamental piece in the structure of the furniture. Regardless of the type of seat, be it steel legs or hollow tubular legs, they are a fundamental and essential element for the proper functioning of a chair. Here are 5 things to keep in mind about chair ferrules.


What is your production process?

The first step to make a functional ferrule is the design and conceptualization stage of it. Most of the time these are manufactured based on previous specifications on a certain product that requires the ferrules and the customer’s indications.

Subsequently, the manufacture of a calibrated steel mold for the ferrule is carried out. To do this, millimeter precision is needed regarding measurements, since any calculation error in the size of a ferrule can render it functionally useless and make its work impossible.

Later, the injection of the molds is carried out with polyethylene, which is extremely resistant and presents highly favorable characteristics for the products. Its effectiveness is since polyethylene is a thermoplastic that does not conduct electricity or heat, in addition to being easy to work with during the pouring process into the molds.

The finished product batch goes through rigorous quality control testing. In addition, some companies have specialized machinery to recycle excess plastic automatically.


The ferrules for chairs vary according to the type of floor

In the case of the ferrules for chairs and other similar furniture, it is important to consider what type of surface they will perform their function on. This is because some materials are more advisable than others depending on the type of soil in which they will be located once installed. For example, the ferrules for chairs that rest on a carpet must be made of a more resistant material, since it must be tried not to sink them into the fabric.

Also, the softest rubber ribbed inserts are recommended for delicate floors. Some ferrule suppliers use virgin raw materials for their products that are more likely to be recycled in the future.


What variety of colors do they have?

During the finishing process for chair ferrules, neutral shades are usually chosen white, black and earth colors are the most used for this variety of ferrules. However, other colors are also more or less frequent, such as grays, blues, or other pastel colors.

Ideally, the ribbed inserts match the color of the chair and are not so flashy. It is also advisable to use the dark ones when they will be exposed to spaces where they can get dirty easily.


Ribbed inserts maintenance

It is very common for the ferrules to get dirty due to the action of rubbing and exposure to open spaces. Therefore, it is important to check your status frequently. If you notice that there is residue on them, you could use a damp towel and remove anything that could hinder the movement of the chair or its stability.

If the dirt is very sticky, you can use soapy water and a small brush to remove it. Then use a damp towel to remove any residue. Doing this can ensure a longer service life for the ferrules and keep them looking good.

Resorting to industrial ferrules allows to guarantee the useful life of the chairs. Surely you have heard some options made with recyclable materials, but these can be uneven and end up constantly breaking, so they are not effective. The purpose of the ribbed inserts is to cushion the weight carried by the seat and to prevent friction with the floor from damaging the legs of the chairs. Investing in industrial ferrules is the best option when looking for quality and effectiveness.


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How is the production process of a ferrule?

How is the production process of a ferrule?

The manufacturing process of each supplier of ferrules is specialized, depending on each structure. However, most of them fulfill similar functions to each other, be it to maintain the cleanliness of the tube by means of its sealing, prevent leaks, and increase its durability, in addition to merely decorative fines.

Custom plugs are basic clothing for any pipe system: their shape, material and measurements are exactly adjusted to the shape of the mouth of the pipe, providing it with greater security.

The production of the ferrules for pipes is based on the previous manufacture of the characteristic molds of each supplier. This involves a specialized design process developed according to the diameter and elevation measurements defined for each case.

As mentioned above, pipe plugs fulfill different functions and perform different services. Depending on each specific function, they are designed individually. Thus, the ferrules can have various shapes and sizes. For example, the oval ones usually fulfill decorative functions; on the other hand, those that are installed in outdoor pipes serve both decorative purposes and as agents against humidity.

Specific patterns will be established by each ferrule supplier according to these specifications. Some plugs must be manufactured with measurements and criteria chosen by each client.



Ferrule manufacturing process


The first step for the manufacture of ribbed inserts is the manufacture of calibrated steel molds for the specific plug, always with millimeter precision regarding the measurements of each one. Most ferrule suppliers employ the latest in automated machinery to streamline production processes to their finest.

A correct process of design and conceptualization of each piece by the ferrule suppliers is of vital importance, being guided by the specifications of each client, studying their viability based on their requirements for use, properties, and characteristics. Next, polyethylene is injected into the molds. This extremely resistant thermoplastic has very advantageous characteristics for the products since it does not conduct heat or electricity.

Likewise, it should be noted that low-density polyethylene is used for parts, while high-density polyethylene is used with greater hardness for flanges and threads.



Furniture ferrules


So that the piece can accommodate the different thicknesses of the tube, the so-called outer fins are used. A smaller diameter split fin is used to locate it. Inside the pieces there is a grooved pattern to maximize flexibility and facilitate placement. Larger pieces contain internal ribs so that pressure can stay on the tube and make it difficult to remove.

In the case of furniture ribbed inserts, it is important to consider what surface they are going to work on, since some materials are more advisable than others depending on the type of floor. An example of this would be those that are going to rest on a carpet, you should try not to sink into the fabric. For these cases, the hardest ferrules are the most recommended, while if the floor is delicate, it is best to choose rubbed inserts. Some suppliers of ferrules bet using virgin raw material, that gives better probabilities of recycling.

Also, the finished product must go through rigorous quality control tests. In addition, some of the companies have machinery that recycles excess plastic automatically. After this, the packaging and preparation process of the individual orders takes place. In addition to the expedition, sale, and distribution in the market of finished products.


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