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Managing stock and planning production

Managing stock and planning production


Since 1996, FORTAPS has been producing plastic caps, and since then, we have used sales data to predict stock needs and create realistic plans for our production plant.

Our goal is to have all of our references in stock and in sufficient quantities to dispatch orders within 24 hours.

To meet customers’ expectations and ensure optimal internal operation in today’s competitive world, order processing must be fast and efficient. One of the keys to achieving this is efficient production and stock planning.


Companies and their customers benefit from efficient production and stock planning, which include:

    1. Customers feel more satisfied and loyal when orders are issued within 24 hours.
    2. Lower associated costs can be achieved by efficient planning, which minimizes excess stock and prevents product shortages.
    3. By having proper planning, production bottlenecks can be avoided and resources can be optimized, leading to higher productivity.
    4. Efficient planning saves time when ordering, which can be used for other important business tasks.


At FORTAPS we continuously seek to achieve maximum efficiency in all internal processes to provide impeccable service to our customers. In fact, our focus is on anticipating customer needs and scheduling production based on forecasts, which is one of our greatest achievements.

    • Analysis of demand and prognosis. Based on sales data from the last 20 years.
    • Production optimization. Real-time data on stock status and forecast needs can be used to plan the production plant schedule.
    • Achieving efficient stock management: To ensure product availability at the right time, it’s important to analyze best practices and stock management strategies. To meet orders in a short time, it would be useful to conduct research on inventory models, reordering policies, and optimizing stock levels.
    • Implementation of digital technologies: Another intriguing approach could be to investigate the use of digital technologies, such as warehouse management systems and production planning software. These tools have the potential to enhance the efficiency of planning, stock management, and order delivery through analysis.
    • Improving logistics coordination between production processes, warehouses, and final delivery can result in faster order delivery. Analysis of coordination strategies can include implementing supply chain tracking systems and optimizing delivery routes.


Always looking for maximum efficiency, at FORTAPS we have developed an algorithm based on the sales data of the last 20 years, that allows us to:

      • Know the optimum stock, maximum stock, minimum stock and safety stock
      • Ensure maximum efficiency in replenishment and warehouse maintenance processes, avoiding stock breakage
      • Connecting the stock data to our ERP and website will ensure that both our customer care staff and our customers have complete knowledge of the exact number of parts for each reference.

Our aim is to maintain the 98,14% order dispatch rate within the first 24 hours (*Source: Audit ISO 9001:2015, Bureau Veritas February 2023), which we have done throughout 2023

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Fortaps virtual assistant

Fortaps virtual assistant

Fortaps’ website update has focused on functionality to improve the customer experience and customer service. One of the most notable new features has been the introduction of the virtual assistant that, in a clear and simple way, guides the user to quickly find what they need. In this article, we tell you all about its advantages.

How can I use the Fortaps virtual assistant?

Designed to guide the customer to find what they are looking for with little effort, the Fortaps virtual assistant is located on the home page of the website and allows for a quick and efficient internal search. In this way, we provide a solution to their needs.

With the creation and development of the design of the new site, the objective has been to achieve a good optimization that achieves customer orientation. This process involves the use of advanced tools and strategies to ensure that the performance is adequate, both in terms of speed and in terms of appearance and ease of navigation.
Therefore, the new Fortaps virtual assistant guides users to the products they are looking for by using questions to identify the right match or equivalent for each situation.

Fortaps virtual assistant features

If we must define the characteristics and consequent advantages of the virtual assistant, we would mention the following:


As we have indicated, the virtual assistant is characterized by the fact that, when it is displayed, several options are shown in response to a question. In the case of mats, there are three of them: what is the intended use of the mat you are looking for, what shape it should have and what are the dimensions.

With these simple questions, you can obtain enough information to rule out all those products that do not fit your needs or directly select the one that perfectly meets your requirements.

Wide variety of options

The questions shown include the entire repertoire of products in the Fortaps catalog. Thus, when it comes to making a selection, you can choose between end caps for the feet of metal furniture, such as chairs or tables; the posts of a fence or enclosure, whose dimensions are very specific; the protection of metal pipes of a staircase; or the metal shelves of a warehouse.

Although at first glance, it may seem that all end caps are the same, there are substantial differences between one and another that are sufficient to prevent them from fulfilling their function if the right one is not chosen.

Direct and complete information

Another of the most notable features of the Fortaps virtual assistant is that it responds quickly to questions and does not require intermediaries. In other words, it is not necessary to go through human intervention to identify the required product.

The wizard is connected to our catalog, which in the case of Fortaps has a total of 1,600 references and has the ability to verify whether the particular part is in the catalog or whether it is not available. This function is especially interesting for our customers who are resellers, whether they are physical hardware stores or pure players in e-commerce.

Complementing telephone assistance

Virtual assistant use does not replace telephone customer service, nor does it replace personalized customer service. It is simply an improvement in the customer service offered, since it has been proven that a first approach to the product is fruitful with the customer. We have four lines for the Spanish market and five for the rest of Europe. Therefore, in case of any doubt after consulting with the assistant, the customer has the option of contacting Fortaps directly.

From Fortaps, we continue working to offer the best service to our customers through our website and the attention we provide through all our channels. We are at your disposal for any questions or requests.

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Logistics, the great challenge for FORTAPS

Logistics, the great challenge for FORTAPS

Markets change over time, and with them, so do the needs. At the present moment, speed is one of the most highly valued aspects of the project. Moreover, thanks to technological progress, it is possible to achieve in the field of logistics. This is one of the challenges FORTAPS is currently facing.

Changes in logistics organisation

Our warehouses work with efficiency and productivity standards to guarantee agility in the movements and speed in the methodology. The objectives relating to both are maintained or intensified depending on the circumstances. However, our operating conditions are changing.

This is due to adapting to changes in markets, procurement channels and developing technology. Due to this last, logistics is being progressively automated and, instead of having to manage operations manually, it is done through software.

These are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Through these, data relating to stock and transport agencies are entered into the system, they are analysed and useful information is obtained and used to improve services, but it also makes it possible to commit to sustainable or environmentally friendly logistics.

These ERP systems are now integrated with stock and transport companies to streamline workflows, they are extremely optimised and therefore become as efficient and agile as possible for the operating team. Moreover, from an energy consumption point of view, energy consumption is minimal.

Our vision for the future from logistics

At FORTAPS we are continually looking for formulas that are practical and beneficial both for us as a company and for our clients. That is why our vision has always been clear in the area of logistics and forwarding and in order to reduce the extra costs for her, we have chosen to take care of the storage space and the stock trend.

In this way, we focus our efforts on offering the best forwarding service and choosing the most efficient and competitive transport companies on the market. This means that we are in charge of managing the necessary stock for our customers, which is an added advantage for them.

But, how have we at FORTAPS managed to make this methodology productive? Through the control of a number of parameters:


All our references are available at all times and we know the specific quantity we need to store of each product thanks to the information obtained from our ERP analysis. In addition, all goods are already prepared, labelled and ready for dispatch, which reduces order processing time.


Moreover, there is a comprehensive management of the traceability of each shipment through the use of QR codes. In terms of warehouse management, we follow the FIFO criterion, which stands for First In, First Out, i.e. first in, first out.


Within the services offered, the preparation time for each order is no more than five minutes and transport labels can be generated on the spot. In addition, orders are palletised and organised by transport company, as the most suitable one is chosen for each of them.

With this organisation, we gain four advantages, which are FORTAPS’ current commitments:

No stock outs and the only company in the sector that guarantees delivery within 48/72 hours.
24h shipping, since all products in the catalogue are always available.
Saving time and money when sending goods to third parties.
Real-time geolocation monitoring and up-to-date knowledge of the status of the shipment.

To benefit from these advantages as a customer, you can contact FORTAPS through our different channels.

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Internationalisation of FORTAPS

Internationalisation of FORTAPS

Digitalisation and globalisation are driving the expansion of companies in all sectors beyond national borders. A strategy that is not without risk, but, it is well-planned, it has great growth potential. Internationalisation of FORTAPS started over a decade ago, and, we are currently continuing our expansion into new markets at this moment.


History of the company

Our doors opened in 1996 as a family-run business. However, we had a head start on our journey, FORTAPS was made up of two generations with a long history in the sector. In particular, in the design, manufacture and marketing of protective articles made of plastics and rubber. They were ribbed inserts, adjustable feet and end caps.

Over two decades later, our size as a company has changed considerably. Our facilities cover more than 7,000 m², with well-structured spaces to facilitate the different stages that make up our processes, relating to the production of orders that reach us as well as their storage and distribution.

Respect to the market, we are present in many different sectors in our country, due to our pieces are part of all types of finished products. These include the manufacture of furniture, structures and goods like wood or metal; hardware and industrial supplies, signs and street furniture; storage structures and catwalks, manufacture of commercial and agricultural vehicles, fences and enclosures, among others.

Thanks to more than 1,500 different items and 8,000 satisfied customers with our work, we can say with absolute certainty that we have established our success as a leading manufacturer of these parts.



Internationalisation of FORTAPS

Following our establishment as a company specialised in the manufacture of ribbed inserts in Spain, the time for internationalisation of the company has come. All opportunities and threats assessed, as well as our strengths and areas for improvement, a decade ago we started the process of expansion in France.

Our secret has been to be true to our principles and our way of working. We have adopted the quality management standards ISO 9001:2015, and we carry this into each of our designs, nationally and internationally. Moreover, we are always looking for excellence and we are constantly investing in innovation to keep improving and differentiating ourselves from the competition.

FORTAPS internationalisation strategy in France has worked and we have achieved the expected success. For this reason, we want to continue expanding into new markets offering similar or even greater potential.

Our current target is Benelux, exactly, Belgium and the Netherlands, in which we are progressively penetrating in order to compete with local and internationals producers who are looking to broaden their horizons. In addition to standardised products, we work on customised orders with parts that are adapted to the final needs of each client. Therefore, we enjoy a flexibility that allows us to adapt to any type of job, company or sector.


Thanks to internationalisation of FORTAPS, we expect to achieve the following goals:

An adapted service: Thanks to our permanent stock and automated order processing; we have managed to offer the same service for the whole of Europe, orders are shipped within 24 hours and delivery takes 48/72 hours.
Employment creation: Expansion into new markets, increases our volume of work, it means we need more professionals in each of our areas.
Improve our competitiveness: The larger FORTAPS is, it will be easier to reach supplier agreements.
Increase the value of our products: Having international recognition and clients in several countries generates trust and reliability in our brand.
Higher profits: As a company, we want to increase our sales to continue our growth and expansion.


We seize this opportunity with enthusiasm, and we are delighted that you can follow our progress and internationalisation goals in FORTAPS.

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Frequent problems: ribbed inserts that come out of the tube

Frequent problems: ribbed inserts that come out of the tube

One of the frequent problems that some customers have told us about is that the ribbed inserts come off the tube, fall off or break quite easily.


Why use ribbed inserts at the end of tubes?

There are several reasons why you can use ribbed inserts instead of other solutions. From the large number of available sizes, up to the type of finish or protection provided, we can offer many options.

Facility of use

Most of ribbed inserts are designed to be press-fitted into an object or application. Most of ribbed inserts are designed to be installed to be press-fitted into an object or application, therefore, it is very difficult for them to come out of the tube. Some of them require screwing in for installation; moreover, there are ribbed inserts that do not come out of the tube. As an easily adjustable product, it avoids the need for costly fixings or adhesives to ensure a long-term option.

Size range

Ribbed inserts usually have a large number of standard sizes and styles for individual use. Most of styles we offer are either plastic or rubber, depending on your needs.


How to measure ribbed inserts

Ribbed inserts are easy products to fit. The most important measurements to take into account are the outer diameter and the inner diameter. Here is a quick review of how you can obtain that measures and you will see how ribbed inserts do not come out of the tube.

Outside Diameter (OD)

First of all, you must find out the outside diameter of the tube, calculating the distance between the two outer edges of the tube.

Inside Diameter (ID)

Secondly, once you have the correct outer diameter, you must compare it with the inside diameter (it is usually the size used for our ribbed inserts). Matching your outside diameter to the inside measurement will provide a firm and secure fit.


The crucial role played by the thickness of the tube

In fact, this is often the case when it has not been observed that the inside diameter of the tube can vary depending on the thickness of the tube and thickness of the wall of the ribbed inserts coming out of the tube. This difference may lead to the ends of the ribbed insert are not capable of fulfilling their function of adapting to the inside diameter of the tube and providing a correct clamping.


What happens when these factors are not taken into account?

Buyers perceive that ribbed inserts have come off the tubes during transport (due to road vibrations), and it arrives at your customer without the plugs, creting a bad impression of the manufacturer, due to the finish is one of the most important aspects of a product.

In order to ensure that the ribbed inserts achieves the expected result and does not give rise to complaints which could delay deliveries, both the outside diameter of the tube and the inside diameter of the tube must be observed.


Solutions proposed by some mat manufacturers, we do not agree

On the market we can find mats that are called “multi-purpose ribbed inserts”, in relation to the thickness of the tube and are usually made of rubber.

We can find a ribbed insert that is presented as adapted for different thicknesses tube which can vary from several millimetres to several millimetres. They are elastic ribbed inserts that they don’t really fit well in the tube. For this reason we do not manufacture them.

FORTAPS does not believe in this type of solution. Our quality standards and customer service do not allow us to propose products that cannot offer the advertised functionality.

That is why our ribbed inserts are only suitable for tube thicknesses with tolerances of 1 to 2 mm.


Thus, our customers can find in our catalogue different references for the same tube dimension which you can download here.

Easy to insert into the tube, making it easier for sellers.
They do not fall off during transport.
They do not break when furniture is dragged because they are securely fastened and do not move.
Not protruding from the tube, this ensures that they cannot be easily removed. And the ferrules do not come out of the tube.

Suggesting a quality offer adapted to the needs and expectations of our clients is one of the key points in our decision-making processes.


FORTAPS aims to recommend the best solution, because our customers’ satisfaction is our responsibility.

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The new functionalities of the Fortaps website make browsing easier

The new functionalities of the Fortaps website make browsing easier

The new Fortaps website is designed and thought to improve the customer experience. In this sense, both its usability and functionality allow you to explore all the news on the web from the first moment. It is a page that has absolutely everything, but at the same time, it is simple and direct with a clear and diaphanous aesthetic. Therefore, it is really easy to find what you are looking for. The usability of the web page brings together all the techniques and protocols that make a web page a site to which one wishes to return.

This website has an automated system for placing orders. This system is intended to facilitate the user experience for customers. Non-customers, however, can also use this service, but can only request samples online. Customers can place orders online after contacting the company and having access permissions. It is a comfortable, fast and easy to use system.

News on the Fortaps website

Product. The readability of the website is accurate. The user who accesses it for the first time discovers in a second the types of rubber protectors that appear at the top of the page in a very clear and very visual way. Therefore, accessing the product is very simple. However, apart from this application, in order to choose the type of rubber protector that interests the user, there is a display on the home page that refers the visitor to the same menu.

Thus, it is not difficult to be able to search by type for the rubber protector you need. That is, square, round, oval, or rectangular. And within each category, it is very easy to find the ferrule that suits the customer’s needs based on size and thickness. Thus, the customer can find with ease exactly what he wants.

Social Media. The website has access to the company’s social networks as well as WhatsApp. Therefore, customers have the option of interacting on the site to learn more about the details of the products or get to know the offers from another point of view.

On the other hand, the videos on the website help the user not only to know what they can find, but also to be able to see the product in detail. In this way, clients get an exact idea of what a product is. In this sense, the interaction is perfect. The web meets all the requirements that make a user want to return because it is pleasant and, especially, finding what they are looking for is easy to find.

Virtual assistant

The virtual assistant on the home page guides the user with extreme clarity. Just by interacting with this element, a person who is looking for a specific rubber protector will find it easily. For example, if a customer is looking for a rubber protector to plug a hole, the assistant asks for the dimensions (in mm) of the hole.

Then, the wizard will refer the user to a page where there is a small explanatory video in 3D. In this way, the customer can see the product in a very precise way. Below the video, there is a detailed catalogue of rubber protectors that adapt to all needs. Clients interact with all the products in the catalogue in the same way. It couldn’t be easier to use the virtual assistant.

We hope that this content on the Fortaps website has helped you to get to know our company and that you can have a more active interaction with us through the new automation processes. We invite you to browse our products catalog.

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