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FORTAPS is a company focused on the conceptualization, design, manufacture, and commercialization of plastic protective parts. This constantly growing company is characterized by innovation, providing its products with the highest quality and guaranteed excellence of the most cutting-edge in its production processes.

Ribbed inserts, end caps and stops, all types of rubber stoppers are available from this leading company in the ribbed inserts sector. With more than 20 years of experience, FORTAPS offers solutions in injection of technical plastics, thermoplastics, elastomers, and polyamides.

Likewise, FORTAPS applies advanced engineering techniques in the manufacture of its own injection mold designs, innovating in the composition of materials to improve their properties and optimizing all phases of the manufacturing process with the latest technologies in computerized mechanization. All this, to guarantee customers the highest quality products and efficient care in each of the aspects.


The importance of ribbed inserts

The ribbed inserts are the small pieces of rubber where all our weight rests, either on a chair or furniture, or on a walker. Although they are small elements, sometimes forgettable, the ribbed inserts fulfil essential functions in our day to day, and at FORTAPS we know it. For this reason, we invest in the best technological and industrial resources in the manufacture of the ribbed inserts.

In addition, in the industrial context, the ribbed inserts play fundamental roles protecting machinery parts from contact with other surfaces that can end up damaging the functionality of the structure, reducing its useful life, or even causing safety failures.

A chair without ribbed inserts is uncomfortable, and a cane without ribbed inserts will probably not even do its job properly. This is not to mention that these small pieces of elastic material extend the useful life and keep any type of tube where they are placed in good condition. This is the relevance of having FORTAPS, a supplier of ends that prioritizes the quality of the products.


Why choose FORTAPS?

There are multiple reasons to choose FORTAPS. Here are the most important:

1. Variety

There are many types of ribbed inserts, which are determined by their function. Although many times its elaboration is a custom work on request, there are different models of ferrules that cover different structures and situations. Specifically, square, round, rectangular, oval, exterior tips, levelling feet, among others, are made.

In FORTAPS you will find the best type of end piece according to your individual needs. In addition, on our website you will have an intelligent search engine that will help you decide which of the various types of end pieces available to choose.

2. Personalized attention

At FORTAPS you have the best personalized service on the market. The pieces are customizable according to the individual needs of each client, being able to print them with the client’s logo, modifying pre-existing molds to adapt the piece to specific uses. Likewise, special molds are manufactured, and customized solutions are developed, being able to inject the piece in special colours according to the order. The variety of possibilities characterizes FORTAPS and places it above other end cap providers on the market.

3. Greater economy

Thanks to its characteristic quality and efficiency, FORTAPS guarantees that the products will be available at the best market price. In this way, all budgets are adjusted proportionally to quality and price.

4. Immediate response

In FORTAPS digital document management systems are adopted that allow streamlining the response processes, facilitating the exchange of information between clients and the company. In addition, document accessibility and traceability are offered, saving time, and providing greater data security.


Without a doubt, FORTAPS is a leader in the ribbed inserts sector, its personalized services provide greater security and reliability, as well as a high quality of results.


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