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Currently, the contributions that companies can make to the establishment of a sustainable production model are vital to reduce the impact on the environment. One of these contributions is based on the implementation of the “zero waste” system or zero waste cycle. It refers to the principles that aspire to reuse products so that they do not end up becoming waste or garbage that causes contamination.

At FORTAPS, we efficiently implement this system that lengthens the life cycle of objects and the materials that compose them, including the highest possible percentage of reusable and planet-friendly material in the composition of our products. A very different model from most other manufacturers of plastic products that can take between one and four centuries to degrade.


The zero-residue model

According to the International Zero Waste Alliance, ZWIA for its acronym, the zero-waste cycle is based on achieving “the conservation of all resources through the production, consumption, reuse and responsible recovery of all products, packaging and materials, without burning them and without dumping them on the ground, water or air so that they do not threaten the environment or human health”

For this international alliance, to achieve this complete objective for producers and manufacturers in favour of a more efficient sustainable development model. Also, that it does not seriously harm the condition of the planet or the health of people. In addition, for the zero-waste cycle, it is important that there is also a commitment from consumers. This is because changing habits and priorities is necessary at all levels of society and the economy.

For FORTAPS, the concept of zero waste goes beyond recycling and composting at the end of a product’s life cycle.


FORTAPS and its eco-friendly system

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of all types of ribbed inserts and related products. As part of the company’s commitment to conserving the environment and the planet’s resources, in addition to putting into practice the zero-waste production model, the company implements another series of measures. All of them guarantee that the environmental impact of their products and their manufacturing process is as low as possible.

The FORTAPS recycling process has been a zero-waste cycle since 1996. The company applies a unique recycling process that allows reducing all the waste produced in the manufacturing processes, thanks to the total reuse of the material. In addition, the materials used to manufacture our tips are non-toxic. They are based on polyethylene raw materials that do not have toxic components and make their reuse possible.

At FORTAPS, we have dedicated ourselves to achieving a completely self-sustaining power supply model. Constantly investing in low consumption technologies, heat exchangers. Also, in other types of strategies that allow a rational and sustainable use of electricity.

Another of FORTAPS contributions to the zero-waste cycle and sustainable development is that we have completely dispensed with paper document management. We have adopted digital systems that are more efficient and generate less waste. In addition, all the company’s vehicles are 100% electric, so they do not contribute to greenhouse gas pollution.


Without a doubt, FORTAPS is a benchmark for completely sustainable and environmentally friendly production. With all our policies of conscious production we seek to contribute to the conservation of the planet and its resources. Also inspire and set an example for other companies to follow our steps in favour of a sustainable development model.

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