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Stock breakages occur when, upon receiving an order for a certain product or raw material from a client, the company does not have it in its warehouses, either completely or in the quantities and conditions specified by the client. This means that the purchase cannot be satisfied, which has extremely detrimental consequences for any company.

Therefore, out of stock implies the loss of a sale. In addition, they directly affect the image of the company in front of the client and can be labelled as inefficient. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to have efficient suppliers that have adequate control over their stock and that have a sufficient production rate to be able to satisfy your demand.


The excellent assortment of tips from FORTAPS

At FORTAPS we are leaders in the sector in ribbed inserts, ferrule, adjustable feet and end caps and we are known for keeping our inventory stocked throughout the year. Therefore, stock outs are not a problem for our customers. Likewise, we efficiently control delivery times to guarantee the satisfaction of all our orders. We also implement a permanent inventory system that leaves no room for stock outs.

We can predict the demand of our customers thanks to our efficient logistics team, which allows us to supply many different customers with ribbed inserts and other products from our catalogue without experiencing deficiencies in our warehouses. This has positioned us as the main suppliers of ribbed inserts in the country, satisfying the demand for these important structures for all types of furniture, chairs, various tubes and even walking sticks and walkers.


Excellent stock management

Any stock management manoeuvre is based on the balance that must exist between the demand for the product and its availability in the warehouse. When this balance is disturbed, terrible stockouts occur, damaging both the customer and the company.

In FORTAPS this balance is maintained above all things, since we know the importance of complying with the demands of our clients, guaranteeing them the best experience with our brand. Thanks to this, nowadays, many know the quality of our products and services from our frequent customers. Which translates into higher productivity.


Out of stock? Not with FORTAPS

At FORTAPS we offer the best products and services on the market thanks to the characteristics that position us as a benchmark for efficiency and good treatment for our customers.

Our stock is permanent and allows us to offer the entire catalogue without the need for constant stock inventories. In this way, we stay away from annoying stock outs and efficiently fulfil each of our orders. In the process we ship the merchandise on your behalf to third parties to expedite the service and help with the profitability of your business.

The pieces of FORTAPS are personalized with the client’s logo, being able to modify pre-existing molds to adapt the part to specific uses, we design and manufacture special molds, we develop customized solutions, and, in addition, we can inject the piece in any colour that the client requests.

By choosing FORTAPS as your supplier of ribbed inserts, you not only will avoid suffering the bad times that come with stock outs, but you will also be able to enjoy the best products and services at the best price on the market for ribbed inserts and other related pieces of guaranteed quality. We make them with virgin material that guarantees a longer duration and homogeneity of the product.


Definitely, stock outs are one of the most annoying situations that can happen to a customer. Fortunately, at FORTAPS we offer permanent stock to all those who require a constant and efficient assortment of ribbed inserts. Enjoying the highest quality and the best price available in the market.


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