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The ribbed inserts are a fundamental piece in the structure of the furniture. Regardless of the type of seat, be it steel legs or hollow tubular legs, they are a fundamental and essential element for the proper functioning of a chair. Here are 5 things to keep in mind about chair ferrules.


What is your production process?

The first step to make a functional ferrule is the design and conceptualization stage of it. Most of the time these are manufactured based on previous specifications on a certain product that requires the ferrules and the customer’s indications.

Subsequently, the manufacture of a calibrated steel mold for the ferrule is carried out. To do this, millimeter precision is needed regarding measurements, since any calculation error in the size of a ferrule can render it functionally useless and make its work impossible.

Later, the injection of the molds is carried out with polyethylene, which is extremely resistant and presents highly favorable characteristics for the products. Its effectiveness is since polyethylene is a thermoplastic that does not conduct electricity or heat, in addition to being easy to work with during the pouring process into the molds.

The finished product batch goes through rigorous quality control testing. In addition, some companies have specialized machinery to recycle excess plastic automatically.


The ferrules for chairs vary according to the type of floor

In the case of the ferrules for chairs and other similar furniture, it is important to consider what type of surface they will perform their function on. This is because some materials are more advisable than others depending on the type of soil in which they will be located once installed. For example, the ferrules for chairs that rest on a carpet must be made of a more resistant material, since it must be tried not to sink them into the fabric.

Also, the softest rubber ribbed inserts are recommended for delicate floors. Some ferrule suppliers use virgin raw materials for their products that are more likely to be recycled in the future.


What variety of colors do they have?

During the finishing process for chair ferrules, neutral shades are usually chosen white, black and earth colors are the most used for this variety of ferrules. However, other colors are also more or less frequent, such as grays, blues, or other pastel colors.

Ideally, the ribbed inserts match the color of the chair and are not so flashy. It is also advisable to use the dark ones when they will be exposed to spaces where they can get dirty easily.


Ribbed inserts maintenance

It is very common for the ferrules to get dirty due to the action of rubbing and exposure to open spaces. Therefore, it is important to check your status frequently. If you notice that there is residue on them, you could use a damp towel and remove anything that could hinder the movement of the chair or its stability.

If the dirt is very sticky, you can use soapy water and a small brush to remove it. Then use a damp towel to remove any residue. Doing this can ensure a longer service life for the ferrules and keep them looking good.

Resorting to industrial ferrules allows to guarantee the useful life of the chairs. Surely you have heard some options made with recyclable materials, but these can be uneven and end up constantly breaking, so they are not effective. The purpose of the ribbed inserts is to cushion the weight carried by the seat and to prevent friction with the floor from damaging the legs of the chairs. Investing in industrial ferrules is the best option when looking for quality and effectiveness.


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