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The rising cost of electricity and gas is putting the spotlight on the installation of solar panels as a more economical and sustainable alternative. At FORTAPS we have joined this initiative and we share the benefits we have obtained with an environmentally friendly vision.


Energy situation in Spain

No sooner have we emerged from the pandemic than we have already been plunged into a new crisis. Energy prices have soared in recent months, due to petrol prices. These problems have been exacerbated by the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and by the unstable geopolitical situation in the Maghreb, which, together with the growing scarcity of fossil fuels, have resulted in an inflation rate of 8%.

The planet has been warning us for years about the appropriate and urgent measures to take. However, it seems that initiatives must come from the individual household or company. That is why we at FORTAPS want to bring a halo of hope, which is accompanied by some figures relating to the electricity grid in our country.

In 2021, almost half of the energy generated will come from renewable sources, such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power. This figure was less than half just 15 years ago. This is followed by nuclear energy and, finally, gas and oil.

However, until a new regulation by the government materialises, the reality for consumers is one of constant fluctuations in the price of energy, which has become one of the highest costs for both households and business. In turn, this instability means that any estimate a manufacturer makes is only valid for two weeks. A sudden increase would be capable of rendering production unprofitable.


Installation of solar panels as a sustainable alternative

From FORTAPS, we want to share our experience with renewable energies, with the aim of motivating other consumers to bet on them. Specifically, we are referring to the installation of solar panels, which, although it has been booming for years in countries such as Germany and Poland, its full potential is not being exploited in Spain.

Unlike them, who enjoy just 900 hours of sunshine a year, in our country they can get up to 1,900. This means that their installation not only allows a quick return on investment, but also enables energy self-sufficiency.


This independence from market fluctuations and crises is what we have experienced at FORTAPS, since the installation of 85 kW solar panels in 2019. We have managed generate 60% of the energy necessary for our activity, with a reduction in CO2 emissions of 89 Tn per year.

For 2022, we plan to install solar panels in a second phase. The extension includes panels with a capacity of 58 kW, which will bring us closer to the aforementioned energy self-sufficiency and a reduction in emissions of 136 tonnes per year.

How the installation of solar panels affects our customers

Fluctuations and increases in the price of electricity have a direct impact on the final price of products. Why? Well, because their production becomes more expensive, as mentioned above. The production of mats is no exception.

However, at FORTAPS we follow a company policy that pursues sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. But which also help us to be independent of external fluctuations, so that we can maintain stable prices for our customers.

We take this opportunity to share our experience with the installation of solar panels. To be a benchmark in our sector and to ensure that the manufacture of our products aims to be as sustainable as possible.