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If you search the net, you can find lots of rubber end caps for chairs, tables, walking sticks and other utilities randomly. But if you’re looking for expert advice on choosing the best and right way for your needs, then you’ve come to the right place.


Rubber bumpers according to their shape

First, we must see what the real need is before choosing some rubber end caps or others. And it is that in FORTAPS we have all the rubber stoppers that you may need because we have them in multiple forms; we even have them square.


Rubber end caps as needed

You can also choose the rubber end caps according to their functionalities, since we may need them for some chairs, which can be different types and depending on the type, you must decide on one type or another. We might also need rubber feet for the dining or kitchen table legs. We may need the rubber plugs for the walking support stick that have been worn out by use… FORTAPS solves these problems for you because we have all kinds of plugs. You can also see the article detailing the types of rubber end caps and their common uses.

Silent movements: every time you move a chair or a table, does the sound of dragging on the floor bother you? With these earplugs you will never hear a noise again.

Protect the floor: protect the floor from possible scratches and erosion with the plugs.

These rubber feet for chairs and furniture are a protective barrier between the furniture and the floor.

They are easy to apply: these protectors for furniture do not need any adhesive to apply them, since they are made of rubber and can be screwed on.


But how do I choose them correctly?

It’s as simple as knowing the dimension you need. The size refers to the external diameter of the leg on which the ribbed insert is to be mounted. Thus, to the right extent, they are ideal for replacing and protecting the rubber ends of chairs, tables, stairs, ironing boards and other furniture legs. In addition, they serve to renew worn elements, reduce noise, and protect floors. But if you’re not sure of your measurements, ask for a measuring guide that has swatches of the right size to place the ferrule on the actual furniture leg. This will tell you what size you need.

However, remember that when measuring it is preferable to use a ruler, since this can be more precise than a tape measure, and a vernier calliper even better. And depending on the measurement obtained, you can look in the catalogue and you will know perfectly which is the most suitable stopper for your furniture. Remember that it is very necessary to check the diameter of the foot of the different pieces of furniture before purchasing the rubber stoppers, since the appropriate size will give you a better experience. For this, these must be:

  • Wide use: the rubber stoppers can be installed on all furniture: chairs, stools, tables, folding chairs, consoles, TV cabinets, sofas.
  • High quality: made of vulcanized rubber, non-slip and wear resistant. And you won’t need nails or glue to install them, you can install them directly, they are very solid and won’t move at will.
  • Easy to install – we have a variety of sizes for you to choose from.
  • Suitable for the floor: The wooden floors you may have in the house are very easy to scratch but using our rubber chair end caps can prevent scratches on the floor, and the floor can be better protected and have a longer life.

Choosing the rubber end cap is not that difficult, the only thing you must be clear about is your need and search our website for the model that best suits you. And remember that vulcanized rubber gives us very good results, standing out for its aesthetics, hygiene and safety, anti-slip, and shock absorption.

Contact us and we will be happy to assist you and give you our expert advice.


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