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Rubber end caps are components characterized by great versatility. Their multifaceted nature has at least two dimensions: first, in terms of the diversity of their functionalities. Secondly, relating to the form they take in each case. And, in short, depending on the way in which they are designed to be used.

These are essential elements to achieve a full and proper functioning of the structures they complement. Just imagine a metal frame holding a seat. Do you think it would be equally useful if the tubes on its legs did not have rubber ends caps? Would it be perceived in the same way in terms of aesthetics? In both cases, the answer is negative. Keep reading and we’ll explain why.

Shapes of rubber end caps

Rubber end caps come in various shapes and the FORTAPS catalogue is a clear demonstration of this fact. We know first hand that the form these components take is key, not only because of the importance of the appearance. But also because of the different properties their profiles can equip them with.

Starting from the beginning, we’re going to focus on their physical features, with comments relating to some new references included in our product range.

Rubber end caps, reference number 10

This is a component with a semi-spherical shape, made from one of our key materials, low-density polyethylene. It encompasses apertures with measurements of between 7.5 and 9 millimeters in diameter. This is a rubber end cap with various applications in the industrial field. Thus, it can serve as a termination for metal tubes used as part of a complex chassis. And similarly as the outer finishing component for certain items with more everyday uses.

Rubber end caps, reference number 32

As the ’drawing pin’ name indicates, this device comes in a shape reminiscent of a drawing pin. The protruding part fulfills a specific function, that of fastening. It serves to adapt and adjust to the interior of a tube with a certain size.

End cap for round tube, reference number 33

This product is perfect for moulding itself to the inner part of a round tube. Its pressure-adhesion makes it particularly safe to use as a means of ensuring grip. And when it is used as a termination point for chair legs, it takes on particular importance.

Screw-in end cap, reference number 60

This end cap numbers among FORTAPS’ new components with multiple references, each corresponding to a different diameter. And, depending on these measurements, it will be possible to tailor them to the different sizes of tube they will eventually become part of. Their main differentiating feature is the mode of adjustment, screwing the component into the tube; they are therefor ideal for tubes with a compatible internal thread.

Features of rubber end caps

Rubber end caps are manufactured to fulfil a range of purposes, all of them indispensable to aiding the final functionality of the systems in which they appear.

  • Hygienic.

In many cases, rubber end caps function as terminations for a certain articles of furniture that require the utmost cleaning care. An example might be the equipment used in clean rooms and operating theatres. The incorporation of rubber end caps as closures for the terminations for certain structures, such as references 32 and 33, will prevent  dirt from getting into inner areas.

  • Aesthetics.

It’s incontrovertible how a rubber end cap helps to enhance the finished appearance of a tubular structure. And the difference is considerable: it serves as a complement, a closure and a way of lending harmony to the whole.

  • Safety, anti-slip effect and shock absorption.

These three functionalities can be synthesized in a single characteristic of these components: their usefulness in preventing accidents, a basic part of almost all their manifestations.

When they appear as furniture end caps, for example. In this role they serve as a means of preventing slipping and sliding. At the same time, they cover metallic parts capable of causing cuts, whether during the assembly of certain items or during use. In all circumstances they serve as a means of absorbing the kinetic energy produced by the impact of the structure on the ground, or parts belonging to the same system.

And we must not forget, as a complement to the latter functions, their capacity to prevent unwanted noise in the course of their use.

What’s new at FORTAPS

At FORTAPS we strive every day to tailor our products to the commercial needs of our customers. And we know that shapes, uses and materials are factors to which special attention must be paid during the manufacturing of each piece.

We pay meticulous attention to the design, the raw materials (such as the rubber) and the finishes. We’re committed to responsible production, tailored and personalized to each channel of supply. Consult us and we’ll be happy to advise you with no obligation.

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