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The uses of the levelling feet can be in different ways and are used to stabilize a wide range of furniture. In addition, with the height adjustment feature that allows the furniture to be levelled when installed on uneven ground.

There are a wide variety of combinations and sizes available, meaning there is a type to suit every application. At FORTAPS, spindles can be combined with various types of threaded feet, allowing customers to specify the use of levelling feet to their exact needs.


Different uses of levelling feet

When raising a piece of furniture:

One of the most popular uses of this type of feet is to lift a piece of furniture. The longer the thread size, the more height you can add by screwing/unscrewing to the required height. Most feet provide stability even on the longest thread sizes to prevent wobbling.

To level an object:

In addition to being able to add height to an object, specific types of adjustable feet are designed specifically for use in levelling. These include articulated and tilted feet. This design is recommended for uneven floors or applications with different height levels.

To reduce vibration and noise:

When looking to reduce the vibrations and noise experienced by a foot, these products are ideal. They allow a greater distance between the ground and the object in question, which reduces vibrations and general noise that might otherwise have prevailed.

When frequent height adjustment is required:

Another common use for levelling feet includes their use as height adjusters. This allows you to raise or lower an object according to your needs. This is frequently seen in portable racks and stalls, where they are periodically adjusted to suit daily needs. For this ease, slotted heads and polyamide feet are suggested. Why use adjustable feet?

Now that you have a better idea of ​​when exactly these types of feet are used, we are going to describe some of the main reasons why they are used, in addition to what has already been said.

Adjustable feet can be specifically chosen to suit your usage and weight requirements. Larger thread sizes and base diameters provide the best weight capacities compared to smaller sizes.


Levelling feet in FORTAPS

It is very important to have the proper materials and sizes of levelling feet, depending on their intended use. At FORTAPS, with the range of sizes and materials that we have available, our range of levelling feet is extremely flexible to be suitable for different applications.


Installation of our levelling feet

Mounting the levelling feet is a quick and easy process depending on the spindle and foot plate combination required. For standard foot plates, the ball at the base of the stud is pressed or tapped into the opposite spherical recess in the foot plate. The feet are self-aligning and assembled using the mounting kit, the spindle is inserted into the base and locked in place by the fixing kit’s threaded lock through the footrest base on the spindle.

If you would like to inquire about purchasing levelling feet, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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