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Every home, there is a sound that anyone can be familiar with, it is the sound of furniture dragging on the floor. As well as being annoying, it damages the underside of those, but fortunately there is a solution: anti-noise ear tips or anti-noise ear plugs. If you don’t know them, we tell you their features!


¿What are ribbed inserts and anti-noise caps?

Ribbed inserts or anti-noise caps are small parts which are manufactured of plastic or rubber. These are used to cover the underside of furniture, especially tables and chairs, as they are light and can be easily rolled.

There are different types, considering its form, can be round, square or rectangular, and also vary in the material of the furniture or the surface for which they are intended. Needs of each are variable, since, to give an example, a parquet floor is not the same as a ceramic tile.

In any case, ribbed inserts and caps have three purposes: avoid leaving scratches on the floor, which is particularly important in tubular metal furniture; protecting furniture legs against frictional wear and, thirdly, to reduce noise when moving them. That way, there are specific anti-noise ribbed inserts and caps for this purpose.


Features of ribbed inserts and anti-noise caps for furniture

Anti-noise ribbed inserts, also known as as anti-noise caps, must comply, therefore, with a number of features to make them suitable.

Adaptation to type of floor

As we already mentioned when we talked about scratches on the floor, anti-noise ribbed inserts must be adapted to the type of pavement on which they are to be used. In addition to the types mentioned, also the hardness of anti-noise caps varies.

Fit to furniture

In addition to valuing the floor, you must look at the legs of the furniture. To ensure that ribbed inserts and caps are effective, it is imperative that they are firmly aligned with those. If they are larger than the legs, it will be impossible to adjust them, and if they are too small, they will not be able to fulfil their tasks. The material it is made of is also relevant.


If it is a piece of furniture that is continually in motion, such as meeting rooms in an office or in the hotel and catering industry, anti-noise caps will face a more pronounced tear than if they were noise protection plugs for a dwelling.

This means that you will have to consider the level of use that the furniture will be put to when choosing a particular hardness of table and chair end caps. One of the most resistant is polyethylene, which can be either high or low density.

Aesthetics in accordance with the space

Although the purpose of the anti-noise caps is not aesthetical, the piece is visible and depending on the colours of the furniture and from the floor, it will be more or less conspicuous. This means that in addition to its effectiveness with noise, you should also choose a model that does not clash with the furniture, in terms of aesthetics and maintenance of the decorative style. For this purpose, it is recommended to choose colours that match the colours of the furniture.


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