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Our society is moving from all sectors and areas towards a way of life in which digital media are increasingly present. At FORTAPS, we are aware of these changes in two ways: the natural evolution of sales channels and the needs of our own customers. In this article we want to address the change in our business strategies to adapt to this new environment.

Different data sources lead us in the same direction

As the saying goes, ‘all roads lead to Rome’, and that is what has happened in studying our different sources of information. Since the pandemic, online shopping has skyrocketed and the e-commerce sector continues to grow, this means that competition is no longer only at the national level, but that borders disappear.

Some of our clients are what are known as pure e-commerce players, which means that they work solely through digital channels, while others remain on the traditional route with a physical space, but they are starting to complement their services with digital channels. In addition to these, there are the statistics that we can read on the Internet from time to time.

All these avenues share the same conclusion, which is that customers, both the B2B and B2C environment are increasingly turning to online sales channels, as their cost and time advantages are far superior to physical ones.

At FORTAPS we have also decided to adapt our commercial strategies for the sale of our ribbed inserts and end caps. Otherwise, we would fall behind and become uncompetitive. But what steps have we taken to do this?

New business strategies at FORTAPS

In general terms, we can say that FORTAPS is expanding in three different ways. Firstly, we have incorporated e-commerce websites among our clients. As their presence becomes more and more important, it is a growth opportunity for us to be a supplier of the products they offer to their customers.

Secondly, we also work on specialisation within the sectors we supply, such as hardware and industrial supplies. We have multiple advantages that make us stand out from our competition, such as the wide variety of end caps and end caps; a minimum order of one container, which also means penetration of a niche, and deliveries in a very short period of time, amounting to 24 hours in Spain and between 48 and 72 hours for France, country we work with on a regular basis, but also for the rest of Europe.

Our current third channel is a combination of the two previous channels, as it is the online distribution of industrial supplies. Customers in this area are the classic trade with online sales; online shops that do not have stock, but rather order it from another company, known as dropshipping, and sales platforms.

The advantages of our commercial strategies in this area are the constant availability of stock; the ability to respond within a maximum time of two hours; detailed descriptions of all our products, with pictures, text and diagrams; delivery to third parties on behalf of the intermediary customer; tracking of all shipments; monthly invoicing and deliveries in record time, which are again 24 hours in Spain and between 48 and 72 hours in Europe.

Our aim at FORTAPS is to continue to meet the needs of our clients and to continue to adapt to changes in the sector and in society as a whole in order to maintain our competitive advantage.

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