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The ribbed inserts are resistant pieces that are located at the end of a tube to give it a better finish, and to guarantee its protection. Among the great variety of existing ribbed inserts are threaded ribbed inserts, being frequently used in adjustable legs, wheels or with adjustable inclined skates. At FORTAPS, as a supplier of ribbed inserts, we have a wide variety of molds and a wide assortment of pieces to cover the ends of the tubes.

It is important to always bear in mind that, during the manufacture of ribbed inserts, the characteristics of the tubes are considered and the molds are calibrated to create the ideal plug. For this reason, all FORTAPS ribbed inserts are made of materials of excellent quality and guaranteed durability.

If you want to know more about threaded ribbed inserts, their uses, and their types, continue reading this article. You will be able to know more about these fundamental pieces for canes, umbrellas, chairs, and other furniture.


Types of threaded ribbed inserts

There is a wide variety of threaded ribbed inserts that we offer in FORTAPS as a supplier of ribbed inserts, which will differ one from another depending on the shape of the head, colour, manufacturing material and its finish (textured or polished). Next, we detail some of the most common that exist in the market.


According to its shape

Tube ribbed inserts or plugs can be distinguished by their shape. Among the most common are square and round. They are used to protect the edges of a tube and thus give it an aesthetic and safe finish because they usually have sharp parts. Its shape will depend on the tube in which it will be inserted.


According to its material

They can also vary by their manufacturing material, which in turn will depend on the use you want to give it. The metal ribbed inserts are used when they are subjected to high resistance factors, and they usually have a cast aluminium alloy. If it’s heavy duty, then metal ribbed inserts are the perfect alternative.

The plastic ribbed inserts are the most common and sought after in FORTAPS. They are often used to protect tubes that will not be subjected to excessive wear or heavy lifting. They are made of quality plastic, which guarantees a very good, aesthetic, and durable finish.


With intern

Through or through threaded steel ribbed inserts are intended for heavy duty applications only and their application is much more specific. They have characteristics that make them highly resistant and with a very strong grip.

Without a doubt, among the wide variety of ribbed inserts that exist, the threaded offer the best grip on the tube in which they are going to be installed. If you are looking for this type of end piece, be it metallic or plastic, square or round, with or without a through-hole, in FORTAPS you will find all types.


FORTAPS supplier of ribbed inserts

We are a specialized supplier of ribbed inserts, with experience and a good reference in the market. Going to our services is synonymous with efficiency and success. In our catalogue you will find the piece you are looking for in one place. You will also find other products such as stops, blocks and levelling feet. In this sense, FORTAPS is a guarantee of quality, good price, variety, good service, and we even offer custom part designs.

If you belong to the furniture and metal articles manufacturing sector, you can find an ally in FORTAPS. We also offer solutions for those dedicated to the manufacture of signage, manufacturers of furniture for groups, and of storage and walkway structures.

Visiting the FORTAPS website as a fitting supplier may be an ideal option when it comes to finding the right part, considering its material and shape.

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