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Ribbed inserts in hotel furniture are of vital importance, as, even though these are spaces where there is a high influx of people, it is necessary to maintain a climate of calm and harmony. This is achieved by these small parts, but do you know all its features?


What are the uses of hotel furniture ribbed inserts?

To understand the importance of ribbed inserts in hotel furniture, we must pay attention to the utilities or benefits that they have or, in other words, the benefits to be gained from its placement. Let’s look at them below:

Minimising noise

A hotel includes different spaces that go beyond the rooms, as its purpose also includes events of various kinds and not only accommodation. For example, we cand find bars and restaurants, reception room, conference and training rooms, etcetera.

In all these spaces, to be able to pay attention to the activity and to improve the quality of the environment, ribbed inserts on hotel furniture contribute to the reduction of noise when chairs or tables are being dragged.

On the other hand, you should pay attention to type of material used in the soil. In these rooms, tiles are often used for hygiene reasons, which results in high noise levels and impairs acoustics. In these cases, the material must be adapted to achieve the desired result, such as rubber. It reduces noise and rubber has anti-skid properties.

At FORTAPS, we use virgin rubber, due to it offers an extra advantage, it does not leave marks on the floor.

In the case of other materials, like wood, suitable material would be low density polyethylene, it makes it easier for the furniture to slide without noise or scratches.


Increase durability

The influx of people in a hotel is high and this means a continuous wear and tear on all the elements available to the hotel. In order to extend its lifetime and avoid new investment, ribbed inserts keep the base in good conditions.

But that’s not all, when virgin materials are used for the production in FORTAPS; guarantee offered with regard to wear, and tear is higher. Another plus point is that when they are made of good quality, they are always kept in the same place when furniture is moved; even when they are bulky and heavy, such as beds and bunk beds.

Better hygiene

The use of virgin materials has another added benefit for the use of ribbed inserts in hotel furniture; the static electricity they produce is very low. It means that the amount of dust and dirt will accumulate is less than with other materials. Not only cleaning is facilitated, but the space is kept at a higher level of hygiene for a longer period of time.


Finally, hotel furniture ribbed inserts offer different possibilities for use in the hotel industry, as they are suitable for all types of materials and purposes. For example, made of wood or metal, or for parts that go indoors or outdoors.


At FORTAPS, we are specialists in the manufacture of ribbed inserts and we know how to identify the needs that are required in each space. We also offer advice on the choice of ribbed inserts for hotel furniture, because, thanks to our long experience, we can see beyond the aesthetics or the main use of the product and we can cover all the problems that can arise from choosing the wrong ribbed inserts. Contact us for more information.

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