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The types of rubber stopper that exist on the market reflect the demand from manufacturers for a wide range of articles. And, ultimately, the needs of the end users who purchase these articles.

First it may be said that these components are characterised by a versatility that places them in a prominent position in the output produced by FORTAPS. Thus, they can be integrated into different types of structures, of which they become an inseparable part. Without them, the performance of these ensembles would be deficient.

Common uses of rubber stoppers

Their most common uses are evident both in the course of the day-to-day life of any individual, as well as in more professional or industrial fields. This wide range of uses is the main reason why their production is carried out in a stable and continuous manner.

However, despite this variety of uses, the truth is that they all meet the same requirement: to reduce the force of impacts. Therefore, to talk about the functions of these parts is to dive into the world of the laws of physics. And in particular, one concept must be kept in mind: kinetic energy. A term that refers to the energy possessed by bodies due to their motion.

All types of rubber stopper fall within this framework. Their main use is to absorb the kinetic energy contained in the impact of one object on another. For this reason it is also necessary to take into account the resistance of their materials, whether rubber or thermoplastic rubber, etc.

Fitting the appropriate rubber stopper for a specific case means a major attenuation and cushioning of the shock. This is something that the producers of certain articles are familiar with at first hand. But, on the other hand, it goes unnoticed by the vast majority of the population.


In general, it can be said that the functionalities of rubber stoppers can be divided into three. And here we include their use for shock absorption. A utility that can be assimilated to safety and anti-slip functions. But they also serve aesthetics, providing more harmonious finishes or hiding certain elements.

Finally, their hygienic properties are indisputable. Functioning as a cover that prevents dirt from entering the interior of tubes and structures.

Everyday actions such as opening a door can change completely if we do not rely, in its execution, on one of the types of rubber stoppers suitable for the circumstances. Perhaps it is easier to see this with the help of some examples from the FORTAPS CATALOGUE.

Types of rubber stopper

Having clarified the different functions that rubber stoppers can perform, here are some examples from our range.

Door stop

Model reference 60 from FORTAPS leads of a set of stoppers corresponding to pieces manufactured in a standard black colour, with varying diameters. They start with a minimum (15) and go up to a maximum (40), hence their different reference numbers.

This rubber stopper is mounted by means of an internal thread system. It is therefore suitable to be screwed, as its name suggests, behind doors. And there absorb the impact of a forceful opening, without damaging walls or other surfaces.

Stoppers for crutches and walking frames

External rubber stoppers are an indispensable accessory for sticks, crutches and walking frames. Models such as the one denominated by reference 50(reinforced exterior), placed at the end of the tube, serve to support and cushion the impact of the steps and the individual. At the same time, they help to avoid possible slipping. And in this way, they contribute to maintaining the individual’s safety.

Stoppers for machinery systems

The mechanical systems that drive industrial processes exert powerful, repetitive movements. In this context, the inclusion of specific types of rubber stoppers is essential to cushion shocks and noises. As well as to reduce wear and tear in certain areas.

Furniture stoppers

Avoiding slipping, unnecessary noise or marks on surfaces are just a few aspects at the top of a long list: the one that defines the relationship between different types of furniture and rubber stoppers. This makes these types of rubber stopper one of the best known and most demanded by both furniture manufacturers and their customers.

FORTAPS catalogue

The FORTAPS product index is a reflection of the needs and circumstances covered in this article. That’s why we offer you a wide variety of models. But we can also tailor our work to your specific requirements.

Tell us what you need and we’ll help you achieve it.


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