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The adjustable ferrules are very versatile pieces that have many different possible applications. In FORTAPS we want to tell you about some of them so that you can see for yourself how these pieces can help you to achieve different results and use them in the different ways we will mention.

1.To protect the end of the chair legs

One of the most common uses of ferrules in general, and in particular the adjustable ferrules, is to serve as protection at the ends of chair legs. However, when using adjustable ferrules for this use, it should be noted that these parts can help us regulate height and the angle that is most suitable for different users.

In fact, one characteristic of adjustable ferrules is that, because we can change them, they allow us a wide variety in the different heights they can adopt. This is a particularly interesting point, for example, in the case of designer chairs or jobs that generally require precise height adjustment.

2. As a table height adjuster

Another use for the adjustable ferrules is very similar to the previous one. They are pieces that can be used to regulate the height of a table. This means we can unscrew the part and place it at different heights. Another possibility is to change its angle and inclination.

This gives these tables with adjustable ferrules the possibility of reaching different heights and therefore for different uses. This is a great advantage when, for example, we have to join several tables together to make a larger surface area. We can say that the adjustable ferrules generally serve to offer adjustable height and angle (if you have a ball-and-socket joint) to any support. 

This means that you can have supports at different levels just by having this type of part.

3.- Floor protection

Adjustable ferrules can be used, like all ferrules, to protect the floor from scratches or scuffs. They will therefore prevent damage to the floor when they are pulled along its surface. This is because they are manufactured with a plastic coating that does not damage this type of flooring.

4.To prevent slippage

Another use of all ferrules, and in particular the adjustable tips, thanks to the material with which they are made, is to avoid slipping on a surface. It often happens that surfaces with little friction or that do not offer good support can cause the supports and objects that are on them to slip or simply not remain in a fixed position.

The adjustable ferrules allow us to provide this stability; on the one hand, by preventing them from sliding on these surfaces and, on the other, by making it possible for us to have a straight surface. In fact, there are sometimes differences in levels that make it impossible to place a certain support like a table in a space that would have its legs at different heights.

The height of each leg can be adjusted thanks to the adjustable ferrules to obtain a flat, even surface. We therefore say that ferrules can also be used to make use of space or to obtain solutions on a surface at various levels.

5.To adjust structures

Another use for adjustable ends is to adjust structures. This means that, if we have a structure of different pieces where we have to make openings or other changes, it would be possible to make them only with adjustable ferrules. This is because the adjustable ferrules can be used as stops for each of the parts.

Thus, in addition to protecting a certain part of that structure, they can also. make the height or length of each one more flexible. That is why, in general, we can say that adjustable ferrules let us achieve more mobile structures, which we can adjust according to the needs of each moment.

6. As an insulation element

Naturally, adjustable ferrules can also be used to insulate the inside of any tube they are sealing. They therefore protect the interior of these from dust, dirt and moisture. It is therefore an element that contributes to making these parts more durable and prevents them from being affected by corrosion or other external agents inside them.

At FORTAPS we have a wide range of ferrules both adjustable and any other type according to their shape and your own needs. We invite you to visit us and, if necessary, we will help you choose the right product for you.

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