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End caps are a solution that goes beyond the merely convenient and enters the realm of the indispensable. This is all the more so considering the inherent needs of some manufactures.

There are certain elements whose particular characteristics affect the need to use this type of protection. We’re talking about items belonging to the category of multiple-user furniture.

These days, manufacturers of this type of furniture know their specifications very precisely, and they refer not only to the object itself. In particular they relate to those derived from how it’s used, as the name indicates: by multiple users.

In any case, it’s worth underscoring all the benefits rubber end caps tailored to these structures can provide.

Why is there a need for rubber end caps? Who requires them?

Knowing the needs of our clients is the best way of gaining an in-depth understanding of what they lack. And, further down the line, the results of our input into their production.

It was precisely in the search for such answers that a stellar product came into being in the FORTAPS Technical Office in 2010, one that today has established itself as a real success: the reinforced end cap, especially for multiple users.

We seek to ensure the satisfaction of our direct customers. And we are aware that the only way to achieve this is to collaborate with them so that they can provide the consumers of their products with the finest finishes. Thus, only by optimizing the end-user experience can we ensure a job well done.

Who needs reinforced end caps, specially designed for multiple users?

All furniture manufacturers understand the importance of installing this type of protector, end cap or finish cap on their products. But it is true that there are certain sectors in which this need is even greater. These are manufacturing activities subject to specific regulations on materials and safety.

Among them, the manufacturers of furniture designed for the hospitality industry and restaurants, as well as for schools and hospitals, the main recipients of this product.

Why do they need them?

At FORTAPS we long ago realized that these producers needed elements resistant to wear; parts that were easy to instal. And that could, at the same time, adjust easily to the shaft.

The increasing demand for them is no mystery. These are products designed for very specific sites where they will be used simultaneously by multiple users. Therefore, in addition to the specific characteristics linked to the use of any piece of furniture at home, there are also those related to its location.

First of all think, for example, of the annoying noises or marks that a chair can produce on the floor of the venue in question. Then imagine the marks and noises produced by all the chairs contained in a single venue, such as one of those previously mentioned. Clearly the problems they can cause are multiplied exponentially.

Benefits of using rubber end caps

The fitting of plastic protectors, adapted to the needs of each piece and circumstances, is a guarantee of improved user experience. These are some of the benefits they bring:

  • They function as noise-cancelling devices. Moving furniture around on the floor is no longer a nuisance.
  • They prevent marks on all manner of surfaces. Nor do they leave blemishes or traces. And, both on this point and the previous one, the most appropriate material can be chosen (whether rubber or plastic) to achieve a perfect match to the flooring material.
  • The aesthetic advantage. They bring an added elegance to the appearance of the tubular legs.
  • They have an impact on safety. They prevent slips and falls.


At FORTAPS we can offer you a comprehensive catalogue of plastic protectors, of different shapes and diameters. In addition to the possibility of requesting tailor-made solutions, made to order. As suppliers, we guarantee you an uninterrupted flow of stock, ensuring the continuity of your production.

We are specialists in supplies to manufacturers of multiple-user furniture, whether in schools, hospitals or the hospitality industry. This sector is the home of the main success stories for an exclusive FORTAPS product: the end cap. A reliable product, which always works well.

We manufacture the pieces that your furniture needs. Contact us and ask about all the options we have for you.

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