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Ribbed inserts are elements that help protect furniture or different accessories and offer a better experience to the end user. We can find tips for chairs, tables, metal structures, crutches… even for fitness furniture. In this article we will focus on talking about the latter, about the ribbed inserts for sports and fitness furniture, which significantly help the safety and functionality of gym materials and furniture.

What are the uses of ribbed inserts in sport?

As we mentioned at the beginning, ribbed inserts are protection devices that are used to cover the legs of chairs, tables, or other types of furniture for different purposes. Its functionality is more than proven, especially in tips for sports. For this reason, first and as a preliminary step, we will quickly review the function of the ribbed inserts of the furniture of a gym. In this way, we will be sure that we can better understand the characteristics that these elements should have.

Features of ribbed inserts in sport

  • They avoid noise: for example, when we lift a bench to exercise, or simply a chair in the locker room, the first reflex is to drag the furniture. However, a chair with ribbed inserts installed on its legs would eliminate these inconveniences associated with use and, therefore, a better user experience.
  • Floor Protection: Just as furniture ribbed inserts prevent noise, they also keep scratches or marks on the floor. For this reason, it is advisable to choose the most suitable option for the type of floor on which the furniture is going to be used.
  • Security: the ribbed inserts in sports allow guaranteeing the safe use of fitness equipment, which is the most important thing that any gym needs. The ribbed insert is your perfect product, because, thanks to its implementation, it allows you to minimize any type of risk. Like, for example, that a client ends up slipping while doing some exercise.

Once the functionalities of the gym furniture corner pieces have been detailed, it is essential to highlight which furniture or accessories make up these types of spaces, to know where to incorporate the ribbed inserts.

What is the ribbed insert furniture in gyms?

The most common set of sports furniture in a gym consists of the following elements:

  • Phenolic cabins, which protect the privacy of users while they shower or change clothes.
  • Benches to sit on, lean on, and drop off bags or clothes when you’re fully kitted out and ready for physical activity
  • Phenolic lockers for users to store clothing, sports bags, and other items.
  • Fitness materials. They are all the accessories that help to carry out bodybuilding exercises in a gym. Among them, we highlight the benches to do weights.

The ribbed inserts are very valuable elements for all this material. For example, in benches without a backrest, it is recommended to place ribbed inserts at the ends of the structure to ensure that the furniture does not move as a result of an uneven floor, for example.

FORTAPS: specialists in ribbed inserts manufacturing

The sport ribbed inserts placed at the ends of the furniture are an essential element to achieve the best experience for the end user. For this reason, its incorporation into the manufacturing and assembly chain of certain types of structures is essential. Especially for those pieces whose use implies some type of movement.

All these properties are fulfilled perfectly at the end of our products manufactured by FORTAPS. In addition, we adapt to the needs of each client, offering you individual solutions. And, above all, always complying with the quality parameters according to ISO 9001:2015.

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