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At Fortaps, we are specialized manufacturers of ferrules, stops, and leveling feet, among other products. However, among them, rectangular ferrules are one of our most outstanding products.

In this blog article, we will explain what our wide range of ferrules consists of, in terms of size, including custom manufacturing, and features in order to meet all market needs.

Features of Fortaps Rectangular ferrules

First of all, we should begin by explaining what a ferrule is. Ferrules are pieces that are intended to extend the life of objects in which they are inserted, such as furniture, but also serve as protection for those elements placed outdoors. Thus, indoors they are used with furniture whose feet are metal tubes, whether they are chairs, tables or similar, while outdoors they can be:

  • Fence posts.
  • Fences and enclosures.
  • Road signs, such as traffic signals, horizontal and temporary signs, safety rails or toll gantries.
  • Sports equipment, such as goals, bleachers and locker rooms.

To meet all these purposes, the Fortaps catalog has a total of 120 references. All of them are available in both black and white, with identical conditions and prices.

To know all the references and the characteristics of each one of them, you can access from our website to the section of Fortaps rectangular ferrules.

The Fortaps virtual assistant is available to the public for a quick and efficient search for the right ferrule you need. Telephone assistance is also available.

Fortaps ferrules manufacturing process and materials

In 1996, we opened our company as a manufacturer of ferrules and since then we have been expanding our experience and our portfolio of customers, which now totals more than 8,000.

For them, we personally take care of the manufacturing of their orders, always within our facilities, to ensure that we maintain the appropriate quality standards that we always work with, in addition to compliance with the laws in force.

We have an exhaustive control in the manufacturing process, we even design and manufacture our own molds with calibrated steels. Our vision has led us to the need to orient our processes to continuous improvement. We apply the latest technologies in computerized mechanization and automation.

The materials used are low-density polyethylene or PELD, which is virgin, recyclable, reusable and 100% clean. In addition to its low environmental impact, it is able to withstand adverse weather conditions, whether temperature, rain or humidity. Hence, one of its main uses is for traffic signs and signage.

When it comes to manufacturing rectangular ferrules and their incorporated sizes, we are guided by the demand of our customers. In this way, we can ensure that we always have available stock of the parts they need for their usual consumption.

Inventory management and shipping

One of the main advantages that we offer to Fortaps customers who require rectangular ferrules, is that they do not need to invest in space for the storage of their parts, since we are the ones who take care of this part of the chain. In this way, they also save the investment and time involved in stock management.

Those who benefit from this system is not only the face-to-face trade, but it is also an interesting proposal for e-commerce and dropshipping. When our customers need a new order of their rectangular ferrules, it is not necessary to wait for their manufacture, since, as we have indicated, we always keep available stocks of the most demanded pieces.

Once an order is confirmed, the stock is ready for shipment, so delivery takes place within 24 hours in Spain, provided the order is placed before noon, and between 48 and 72 hours for the rest of Europe.

If you wish to place an order for rectangular ferrules with Fortaps and you are not sure which sizes you need, you can consult the detailed technical information with a 3D model and a supporting .igs file in each technical data sheet on our website.

And if you need more information, just contact Fortaps. We will be happy to answer your request or answer any questions you may have.

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