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Technological advances and the advent of e-commerce have completely transformed the way consumers and businesses interact. With the increase in Internet presence, which now covers three quarters of the population, this is becoming the main tool for communication. For this reason, at FORTAPS we have decided to say goodbye to paper catalogues.

The fusion of the physical and the digital: phygital

Our day-to-day life, both as businesses and consumers, has been modified and we no longer understand our reality without smartphones, tablets and other devices. This has changed the way we shop and the way we use information.

This is known as phygital and consists of merging the physical world with the digital world, with the aim of offering customers a more complete experience in line with their new needs. Its emergence has caused many companies to rethink the channels they use for communication or advertising. One of them is paper catalogues, and in the case of FORTAPS, we have taken the decision to dispense with them as a communication tool.

Why paper catalogues are no longer adequate as a communication tool?

Although they could be used as a complement to face-to-face customer relations, they could be used as a complement to face-to-face customer relations, the analysis of our data has shown us that the most cost-effective decision is to dispense with printed catalogues as a communication tool altogether. Our main reasons have been the following:

Cost reduction

Printing such a large number of colour documents is very costly. However, the lifespan of the catalogue is very short, because once the purchase decision is made or if an alternative is found, we dispose of them. By stopping printing, transport costs are also reduced and contributes to the care of the environment. Therefore, it also becomes an Environmental Social Responsibility (ESR) action.

Improving customer experience

Paper catalogue is static, as it is a finished product with only the images and text provided. However, on the digital pathway, the options that can be used are increasing, since multimedia content appears. As the catalogues are on the website itself, it makes it easier to find more information and contact the brand.


Updated information

When a product is discontinued, a modification is made or new items arrive, it is not possible to make such changes when using the paper catalogue as a communication tool. But when the information can be viewed in digital form, editing and making the necessary changes to bring it up to date is facilitated.


Knowledge of our customers

While competitors should not be overlooked, it is important to keep an eye on, each company must take the decisions that are best for it, in FORTAPS, analysis of our search history or the ways in which quotations are requested has led us to the conclusion that the paper catalogue no longer fulfils its function, because consumers prefer digital media.


For all these reasons, 2019 was the last FORTAPS paper catalogue, which is still available online; and that the pandemic highlighted the growing need for change. If you want to consult our products and services, just go to our website.

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