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The new Fortaps website is designed and thought to improve the customer experience. In this sense, both its usability and functionality allow you to explore all the news on the web from the first moment. It is a page that has absolutely everything, but at the same time, it is simple and direct with a clear and diaphanous aesthetic. Therefore, it is really easy to find what you are looking for. The usability of the web page brings together all the techniques and protocols that make a web page a site to which one wishes to return.

This website has an automated system for placing orders. This system is intended to facilitate the user experience for customers. Non-customers, however, can also use this service, but can only request samples online. Customers can place orders online after contacting the company and having access permissions. It is a comfortable, fast and easy to use system.

News on the Fortaps website

Product. The readability of the website is accurate. The user who accesses it for the first time discovers in a second the types of rubber protectors that appear at the top of the page in a very clear and very visual way. Therefore, accessing the product is very simple. However, apart from this application, in order to choose the type of rubber protector that interests the user, there is a display on the home page that refers the visitor to the same menu.

Thus, it is not difficult to be able to search by type for the rubber protector you need. That is, square, round, oval, or rectangular. And within each category, it is very easy to find the ferrule that suits the customer’s needs based on size and thickness. Thus, the customer can find with ease exactly what he wants.

Social Media. The website has access to the company’s social networks as well as WhatsApp. Therefore, customers have the option of interacting on the site to learn more about the details of the products or get to know the offers from another point of view.

On the other hand, the videos on the website help the user not only to know what they can find, but also to be able to see the product in detail. In this way, clients get an exact idea of what a product is. In this sense, the interaction is perfect. The web meets all the requirements that make a user want to return because it is pleasant and, especially, finding what they are looking for is easy to find.

Virtual assistant

The virtual assistant on the home page guides the user with extreme clarity. Just by interacting with this element, a person who is looking for a specific rubber protector will find it easily. For example, if a customer is looking for a rubber protector to plug a hole, the assistant asks for the dimensions (in mm) of the hole.

Then, the wizard will refer the user to a page where there is a small explanatory video in 3D. In this way, the customer can see the product in a very precise way. Below the video, there is a detailed catalogue of rubber protectors that adapt to all needs. Clients interact with all the products in the catalogue in the same way. It couldn’t be easier to use the virtual assistant.

We hope that this content on the Fortaps website has helped you to get to know our company and that you can have a more active interaction with us through the new automation processes. We invite you to browse our products catalog.

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