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End caps for manufacturers of signage and street furniture are a component that needs to be considered with special attention. Something that almost certainly goes unnoticed by most people becomes paramount for those in charge of planning and developing their placement over the entire extent of cities. Since they may ultimately be the ones who will answer for their adequacy and proper functioning in the public arena.

And therein lies precisely the key to their importance: the orientation of these items to community service and their use by citizens. This is something that manufacturers of certain types of signage are well aware of. As well as urban features that serve various uses in the daily life of the population.

Why are end caps necessary for signage and street furniture?

First of all, it is worth looking at some concepts, as they themselves can give us the answer to this question.

What do we mean when we talk about signage?

The term signage refers to a form of communication carried out by means of symbols, icons, colour codes or that are in some other way understandable by people. These are usually indications of routes, directions and guidance. But it also serves to provide other types of instructions.

Cities are full of signage, both outside and inside buildings. Although it is true that the latter are usually wall panels, adhesives for various surfaces, etc.

What is meant by street furniture?

On the other hand, street furniture consists of all those elements installed in the public highway, for the fulfillment of a range of purposes. But always linked to a form of community service. They are usually benches placed in streets, squares, parks, etc. In addition to bus stop shelters, planters or flower pots, litter bins, gel dispensers, etc., the following products are also available

What is the purpose of adapting end caps to these urban planning components?

In view of these descriptions, it is easy to appreciate that these objects, viewed as a whole, serve one main purpose: to serve the public. In particular, they are geared towards two aspects: their safety and well-being.

This is the factor that puts signage and street furniture manufacturers in a position of the utmost responsibility. With their products, they cater to fundamental needs. What’s more, they also contribute to improving the aesthetics and image of cities. For all these reasons, this industry knows first-hand the value of using the right end cap for every occasion.

Maintenance and resilience are the core properties of these outdoor components. Therefore, end caps must be components whose durability and resistance is a prominent feature.

What kind of end caps do signage and street furniture manufacturers need?

Most of the signage and street furniture that require the use of end caps are used outdoors. This means that the components, and therefore the end caps, are exposed to the inclemencies of the weather.

Seasonal, or simply diurnal and nocturnal, thermal change can pose a very difficult challenge to the street furniture and signage in an area. But if to this are added periods of rain, hail, heat waves and cold snaps, ice and humidity, the response of the materials has to match the rigours they face.

Every manufacturer knows that, in these circumstances, the best answer for signage and street furniture is rubber end caps. In addition to those manufactured from latex. Both are strong and provide the grip and safety required when using these devices. But it is also true that street furniture requires the incorporation of other types of components to ensure their safety.

FORTAPS® end caps

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