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Ferrules and end caps are elements involved in the assembly and operation of a wide variety of products. They are usually quite small components. And, in both cases, they are responsible for playing a fundamental role. As they often make a decisive contribution to improving the end-user experience for a range of items.

This is the reason why manufacturers of very different products take them into account to complete their creations. From furniture makers to industrial piping manufacturers, among others, they know first-hand the benefits of ferrules and end caps. Now it’s down to you.

Ferrules and end caps

Whatever your situation may be, finding the part that best suits your needs means getting to know it better. Ultimately… in order to complete a puzzle you have to look at each part separately and take a good look at all its features, before deciding where it fits best.

To begin with, it’s worth pointing out that we are talking about two products with great similarities. For example, in terms of the materials used for their manufacture, or with regard to some of their uses. But, at the same time, they exhibit very important differences that make them distinct.

At FORTAPS we can help you with the first steps in finding the piece that suits you. Why don’t we kick off by getting to grips with what we are talking about?


Ferrules are protectors that are fitted to the legs of various types of furniture. And they are specifically linked to the contact that this furniture establishes with the floor. These elements play different roles directly related to the use of the furniture they complement. Thus they serve to avoid noises that would otherwise come from dragging the furniture on the floor surface, as well as the marks that these movements can cause. In addition, they are also designed with aesthetic and hygienic purposes in mind. First of all, they soften the finish of the structure to which they are attached. Secondly, they prevent the entry of dirt inside the tube.

End caps

End caps, like ferrules, are also protective. They are manufactured in different types of materials, as are ferrules. Specifically,  polyethylene is one of the most outstanding for its versatility and resistance. But there are also end caps made of ABS material or thermoplastic rubber.

In these two points the similarities between the two types of component are highly significant and striking. But the truth is that the differences that separate them have a specific weight. Since they are what precisely differentiate these protectors.

What is the difference between ferrules and end caps?

In a simplified way, it can be said that the differences between ferrules and end caps lie basically in their uses. We have already noted the functionalities of ferrules in the preceding text. Thus we mentioned their safety, hygienic and aesthetic properties. These roles are shared by end caps.  But, just as their functions unite them, they also differentiate them.

Differentiating characteristics

However, a note should be made here: end caps do not necessarily have to be fitted to a tubular structure (legs, crutches or canes, etc.). Nor do they perform their functions simply by complementing certain types of furniture.

On the contrary, end caps fit a wide variety of frames, devices, etc. The safety function is paramount in this case. Thus, they can be found as the terminations of some structures to avoid damage when any contact is made with them. But they also cover nuts, bolts and other parts in the frame of a larger structure. At the same time, they are designed to prevent dirt from entering the interior of the places they protect. As well as enhancing the attractiveness of the structures. As their name suggests, they cover protrusions, borders, fixing devices, etc.

As for ferrules, these are used to prevent slippages that may occur during the use of furniture, such as chairs or stools, for example. At the same time, they eliminate the marks caused by furniture dragging on the surfaces on which they are placed. And it is precisely on these fundamental functions that we must also focus when looking for the differences with end caps. The latter do not fulfill these two tasks.

Size as a differentiating element

Finally, it should be noted that, mainly due to the roles for which these parts are designed, ferrules are longer. To understand this, suffice to say that it is impossible for them to prevent slipping if their grip on the legs is not optimal. So, whether they are inner or outer components, they must ascend into their tubes. Whereas end caps need only be designed to cover a specific surface.


If you are looking for quality components tailored to your structures, please contact us. At FORTAPS we offer you a comprehensive catalogue of ferrule and end cap solutions. Our commitment is to your satisfaction and that of your customers. Talk to us!

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