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Markets change over time, and with them, so do the needs. At the present moment, speed is one of the most highly valued aspects of the project. Moreover, thanks to technological progress, it is possible to achieve in the field of logistics. This is one of the challenges FORTAPS is currently facing.

Changes in logistics organisation

Our warehouses work with efficiency and productivity standards to guarantee agility in the movements and speed in the methodology. The objectives relating to both are maintained or intensified depending on the circumstances. However, our operating conditions are changing.

This is due to adapting to changes in markets, procurement channels and developing technology. Due to this last, logistics is being progressively automated and, instead of having to manage operations manually, it is done through software.

These are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Through these, data relating to stock and transport agencies are entered into the system, they are analysed and useful information is obtained and used to improve services, but it also makes it possible to commit to sustainable or environmentally friendly logistics.

These ERP systems are now integrated with stock and transport companies to streamline workflows, they are extremely optimised and therefore become as efficient and agile as possible for the operating team. Moreover, from an energy consumption point of view, energy consumption is minimal.

Our vision for the future from logistics

At FORTAPS we are continually looking for formulas that are practical and beneficial both for us as a company and for our clients. That is why our vision has always been clear in the area of logistics and forwarding and in order to reduce the extra costs for her, we have chosen to take care of the storage space and the stock trend.

In this way, we focus our efforts on offering the best forwarding service and choosing the most efficient and competitive transport companies on the market. This means that we are in charge of managing the necessary stock for our customers, which is an added advantage for them.

But, how have we at FORTAPS managed to make this methodology productive? Through the control of a number of parameters:


All our references are available at all times and we know the specific quantity we need to store of each product thanks to the information obtained from our ERP analysis. In addition, all goods are already prepared, labelled and ready for dispatch, which reduces order processing time.


Moreover, there is a comprehensive management of the traceability of each shipment through the use of QR codes. In terms of warehouse management, we follow the FIFO criterion, which stands for First In, First Out, i.e. first in, first out.


Within the services offered, the preparation time for each order is no more than five minutes and transport labels can be generated on the spot. In addition, orders are palletised and organised by transport company, as the most suitable one is chosen for each of them.

With this organisation, we gain four advantages, which are FORTAPS’ current commitments:

No stock outs and the only company in the sector that guarantees delivery within 48/72 hours.
24h shipping, since all products in the catalogue are always available.
Saving time and money when sending goods to third parties.
Real-time geolocation monitoring and up-to-date knowledge of the status of the shipment.

To benefit from these advantages as a customer, you can contact FORTAPS through our different channels.

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