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Digitalisation and globalisation are driving the expansion of companies in all sectors beyond national borders. A strategy that is not without risk, but, it is well-planned, it has great growth potential. Internationalisation of FORTAPS started over a decade ago, and, we are currently continuing our expansion into new markets at this moment.


History of the company

Our doors opened in 1996 as a family-run business. However, we had a head start on our journey, FORTAPS was made up of two generations with a long history in the sector. In particular, in the design, manufacture and marketing of protective articles made of plastics and rubber. They were ribbed inserts, adjustable feet and end caps.

Over two decades later, our size as a company has changed considerably. Our facilities cover more than 7,000 m², with well-structured spaces to facilitate the different stages that make up our processes, relating to the production of orders that reach us as well as their storage and distribution.

Respect to the market, we are present in many different sectors in our country, due to our pieces are part of all types of finished products. These include the manufacture of furniture, structures and goods like wood or metal; hardware and industrial supplies, signs and street furniture; storage structures and catwalks, manufacture of commercial and agricultural vehicles, fences and enclosures, among others.

Thanks to more than 1,500 different items and 8,000 satisfied customers with our work, we can say with absolute certainty that we have established our success as a leading manufacturer of these parts.



Internationalisation of FORTAPS

Following our establishment as a company specialised in the manufacture of ribbed inserts in Spain, the time for internationalisation of the company has come. All opportunities and threats assessed, as well as our strengths and areas for improvement, a decade ago we started the process of expansion in France.

Our secret has been to be true to our principles and our way of working. We have adopted the quality management standards ISO 9001:2015, and we carry this into each of our designs, nationally and internationally. Moreover, we are always looking for excellence and we are constantly investing in innovation to keep improving and differentiating ourselves from the competition.

FORTAPS internationalisation strategy in France has worked and we have achieved the expected success. For this reason, we want to continue expanding into new markets offering similar or even greater potential.

Our current target is Benelux, exactly, Belgium and the Netherlands, in which we are progressively penetrating in order to compete with local and internationals producers who are looking to broaden their horizons. In addition to standardised products, we work on customised orders with parts that are adapted to the final needs of each client. Therefore, we enjoy a flexibility that allows us to adapt to any type of job, company or sector.


Thanks to internationalisation of FORTAPS, we expect to achieve the following goals:

An adapted service: Thanks to our permanent stock and automated order processing; we have managed to offer the same service for the whole of Europe, orders are shipped within 24 hours and delivery takes 48/72 hours.
Employment creation: Expansion into new markets, increases our volume of work, it means we need more professionals in each of our areas.
Improve our competitiveness: The larger FORTAPS is, it will be easier to reach supplier agreements.
Increase the value of our products: Having international recognition and clients in several countries generates trust and reliability in our brand.
Higher profits: As a company, we want to increase our sales to continue our growth and expansion.


We seize this opportunity with enthusiasm, and we are delighted that you can follow our progress and internationalisation goals in FORTAPS.

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