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When we talked about our sectors of activity, we already referred to the manufacture of ribbed inserts for fence tubes and enclosures. Now, continuing along the same lines, we will talk about the importance of the manufacture of ribbed inserts and ribbed inserts for scaffolding.

First, in this article, we will define what a scaffold is. In the second point, we will talk about the importance of ribbed inserts in scaffolding and the need to manufacture ribbed inserts in constructions.

The manufacture of ribbed inserts helps us to always adapt to your needs because we have many models.


What is a scaffold?

The scaffold is a ”temporary work”, that is, a temporary service structure erected for construction, maintenance and renovation works. Three types of scaffolding are in use today: tube and joint (PTG) scaffolds, prefabricated frame scaffolds (PTP) and prefabricated post and beam scaffolds (PMTP), better known as ”multidirectional” scaffolds.

The importance of the ribbed inserts manufacturing has a lot to do with the types of scaffolding that we explain below.


Types of scaffolding and ribbed inserts manufacturing

Tube and joint type

The tube and joint type are the oldest and is very flexible as it can be used for a wide variety of façade surfaces. The negative aspects of this system are numerous. For example: the weight of the structure, the need to employ highly qualified workers, the longer assembly and disassembly times and, consequently, the higher costs.

Although this type of scaffolding has some negative aspects, we can influence flexibility. Being flexible is synonymous, in this case, with reusable. And that is very important because we can make the type of structure we want. And what is interesting, that we can adapt it to the desired structure.

In this case, we can place round-type ribbed inserts at the end of the scaffolding tube to prevent water from entering, thus avoiding its deterioration. They also serve to prevent insects from entering to nest inside.

No less relevant is the fact that the tips will also serve as non-slip. For this we will use the rubber ribbed inserts or also for exteriors.


Precast Frame Scaffold

Compared to the previous system, prefabricated frame scaffolding is less robust, making it easier to transport and quicker to erect. It has relatively low maintenance costs. However, it does not have the same flexibility as the previous system and, in fact, is suitable for linear and less complex architectural structures.

In this type of armour, we can use the plastic ribbed inserts for the upper part of the tube and the rubber stopper at the bottom. This will prevent water from entering and the structure from slipping.

Despite being less versatile than the previous structure, it is also easier to assemble. Another positive aspect is the ease with which it can be moved. For this, the manufacture of tips adapted to the different tubes is very interesting. Similarly, it is the adaptability of these.


Bridge on wheels or scaffolding

It is a mobile scaffold made up of metal tubes and planks (prefabricated elements) that has its own stability.

This type of structure also requires plastic plugs at the top. In this case, it is not only to prevent water from entering or an insect from nesting. It also serves to avoid being damaged by the end of the tube.

The in-house manufacturing of ferrules means that they can be adapted to any type of structure or scaffolding. Ask us for a budget and we will be happy to help you.


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