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One of the frequent problems that some customers have told us about is that the ribbed inserts come off the tube, fall off or break quite easily.


Why use ribbed inserts at the end of tubes?

There are several reasons why you can use ribbed inserts instead of other solutions. From the large number of available sizes, up to the type of finish or protection provided, we can offer many options.

Facility of use

Most of ribbed inserts are designed to be press-fitted into an object or application. Most of ribbed inserts are designed to be installed to be press-fitted into an object or application, therefore, it is very difficult for them to come out of the tube. Some of them require screwing in for installation; moreover, there are ribbed inserts that do not come out of the tube. As an easily adjustable product, it avoids the need for costly fixings or adhesives to ensure a long-term option.

Size range

Ribbed inserts usually have a large number of standard sizes and styles for individual use. Most of styles we offer are either plastic or rubber, depending on your needs.


How to measure ribbed inserts

Ribbed inserts are easy products to fit. The most important measurements to take into account are the outer diameter and the inner diameter. Here is a quick review of how you can obtain that measures and you will see how ribbed inserts do not come out of the tube.

Outside Diameter (OD)

First of all, you must find out the outside diameter of the tube, calculating the distance between the two outer edges of the tube.

Inside Diameter (ID)

Secondly, once you have the correct outer diameter, you must compare it with the inside diameter (it is usually the size used for our ribbed inserts). Matching your outside diameter to the inside measurement will provide a firm and secure fit.


The crucial role played by the thickness of the tube

In fact, this is often the case when it has not been observed that the inside diameter of the tube can vary depending on the thickness of the tube and thickness of the wall of the ribbed inserts coming out of the tube. This difference may lead to the ends of the ribbed insert are not capable of fulfilling their function of adapting to the inside diameter of the tube and providing a correct clamping.


What happens when these factors are not taken into account?

Buyers perceive that ribbed inserts have come off the tubes during transport (due to road vibrations), and it arrives at your customer without the plugs, creting a bad impression of the manufacturer, due to the finish is one of the most important aspects of a product.

In order to ensure that the ribbed inserts achieves the expected result and does not give rise to complaints which could delay deliveries, both the outside diameter of the tube and the inside diameter of the tube must be observed.


Solutions proposed by some mat manufacturers, we do not agree

On the market we can find mats that are called “multi-purpose ribbed inserts”, in relation to the thickness of the tube and are usually made of rubber.

We can find a ribbed insert that is presented as adapted for different thicknesses tube which can vary from several millimetres to several millimetres. They are elastic ribbed inserts that they don’t really fit well in the tube. For this reason we do not manufacture them.

FORTAPS does not believe in this type of solution. Our quality standards and customer service do not allow us to propose products that cannot offer the advertised functionality.

That is why our ribbed inserts are only suitable for tube thicknesses with tolerances of 1 to 2 mm.


Thus, our customers can find in our catalogue different references for the same tube dimension which you can download here.

Easy to insert into the tube, making it easier for sellers.
They do not fall off during transport.
They do not break when furniture is dragged because they are securely fastened and do not move.
Not protruding from the tube, this ensures that they cannot be easily removed. And the ferrules do not come out of the tube.

Suggesting a quality offer adapted to the needs and expectations of our clients is one of the key points in our decision-making processes.


FORTAPS aims to recommend the best solution, because our customers’ satisfaction is our responsibility.

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