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Fortaps’ website update has focused on functionality to improve the customer experience and customer service. One of the most notable new features has been the introduction of the virtual assistant that, in a clear and simple way, guides the user to quickly find what they need. In this article, we tell you all about its advantages.

How can I use the Fortaps virtual assistant?

Designed to guide the customer to find what they are looking for with little effort, the Fortaps virtual assistant is located on the home page of the website and allows for a quick and efficient internal search. In this way, we provide a solution to their needs.

With the creation and development of the design of the new site, the objective has been to achieve a good optimization that achieves customer orientation. This process involves the use of advanced tools and strategies to ensure that the performance is adequate, both in terms of speed and in terms of appearance and ease of navigation.
Therefore, the new Fortaps virtual assistant guides users to the products they are looking for by using questions to identify the right match or equivalent for each situation.

Fortaps virtual assistant features

If we must define the characteristics and consequent advantages of the virtual assistant, we would mention the following:


As we have indicated, the virtual assistant is characterized by the fact that, when it is displayed, several options are shown in response to a question. In the case of mats, there are three of them: what is the intended use of the mat you are looking for, what shape it should have and what are the dimensions.

With these simple questions, you can obtain enough information to rule out all those products that do not fit your needs or directly select the one that perfectly meets your requirements.

Wide variety of options

The questions shown include the entire repertoire of products in the Fortaps catalog. Thus, when it comes to making a selection, you can choose between end caps for the feet of metal furniture, such as chairs or tables; the posts of a fence or enclosure, whose dimensions are very specific; the protection of metal pipes of a staircase; or the metal shelves of a warehouse.

Although at first glance, it may seem that all end caps are the same, there are substantial differences between one and another that are sufficient to prevent them from fulfilling their function if the right one is not chosen.

Direct and complete information

Another of the most notable features of the Fortaps virtual assistant is that it responds quickly to questions and does not require intermediaries. In other words, it is not necessary to go through human intervention to identify the required product.

The wizard is connected to our catalog, which in the case of Fortaps has a total of 1,600 references and has the ability to verify whether the particular part is in the catalog or whether it is not available. This function is especially interesting for our customers who are resellers, whether they are physical hardware stores or pure players in e-commerce.

Complementing telephone assistance

Virtual assistant use does not replace telephone customer service, nor does it replace personalized customer service. It is simply an improvement in the customer service offered, since it has been proven that a first approach to the product is fruitful with the customer. We have four lines for the Spanish market and five for the rest of Europe. Therefore, in case of any doubt after consulting with the assistant, the customer has the option of contacting Fortaps directly.

From Fortaps, we continue working to offer the best service to our customers through our website and the attention we provide through all our channels. We are at your disposal for any questions or requests.

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