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Fortaps is an international company and we have been in the technical plastic injection molding industry for more than 25 years. Since our beginnings, our goal has been to obtain the highest quality and excellence in the products we offer, always hand in hand with innovation and the latest technologies.

In addition, we differentiate ourselves from our most direct competitors because we always have available stock of those models with a higher demand from our customers and, therefore, we work directly with distributors of industrial supplies and hardware store countertops. In this blog article, we will explain everything you need to know about our product and processes in this sector of activity.

Distribution of hardware supplies and ferrules in hardware stores

Thanks to our experience in the sector, many of our customers have trusted Fortaps for the distribution of our products through industrial supply distributors and hardware stores. We also work with other types of customers, such as purchasing centers or those engaged in the sale of pipes for metal carpentry.

Our customers in this case are resellers, who are responsible for delivering to the end customer, who in turn are usually other professionals, a basic offer of the products that are most in demand in stock. We also have customers who are resellers for the B2C market.

Therefore, if you are one of these businesses, you should know that at Fortaps we are committed to the availability of permanent stock. And what does this mean? It means that we have the capacity to give an immediate response to the recurring needs of hardware stores.

Our factory in Constantí stores more than ten million pieces and, once we start working with a new reseller of our products, we use a predictive system based on the history of demands. That is, once we register the regular orders that are taking place, we will automatically keep that stock always available to be able to meet future recurring needs in record time.

The ferrules in hardware stores have a very limited supply and are available as part of a basic offer, and usually consist of metal tube sections of 40×40 mm, 80×40 mm, Ø 30, etc., which are sold at retail, with other complementary products for these sections.

However, your commercial advisors are prepared to contact us as manufacturers to provide a solution to your needs. In this way, if the order involves punctual products, they can also be obtained quickly and in a very short period of time, with a close and personalized service. Within a maximum of 24 hours, any reference and quantity can be shipped to our customers.

Differentiating features of Fortaps ferrules

Each company in the sector has its own differentiating characteristics. At Fortaps, after more than two decades in the injection molding sector, we have managed to position ourselves and become a benchmark.

It is clear to us that professionals in this field are looking for a service that is, firstly, agile, as they cannot afford any kind of delay. Secondly, this service must be personalized and close, with commercial advisors who accompany the client at all times and resolve any type of doubt.

All our products are manufactured according to the certified quality standards set in Europe. To ensure that these standards are met, we manufacture our products in-house, so quality and standards are the norm at our facilities.

This, in turn, allows us to keep a permanent stock of ferrules in hardware stores with the parts in greatest demand, while, at our own facilities, the availability of our catalog is more extensive. Customers with more specific needs can also obtain the parts they require directly, since, as we have indicated, we rely on a forecasting system that makes use of a history of demand.

At Fortaps we are characterized by a personalized attention to our customers, both directly and in the case of the mats in hardware stores and other physical stores. In addition, we guarantee the reliability, tracking and traceability of all our materials and final products, and we directly manage the expedition and delivery in very short periods of time, both nationally and internationally.

From our website, you can access all the technical information of our references with three-dimensional images for greater precision, but also request samples or a quote for the material you need for your business.

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