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Ribbed inserts are those pieces that are placed in the lower part of the furniture to reduce the acoustic nuisance caused by its displacement, as well as to improve its conservation. Their use is very extensive and covers any type of space, from private to public. On this occasion, we focus on school ribbed inserts and the aspects that should be considered when choosing them.


The importance of school ribbed inserts

Ribbed inserts for schools and educational centres are intended for use in different spaces, and not only in classrooms. The aim is to create a climate that combines discipline with spontaneity, but in order to maintain a respectful and peaceful environment, controlling the noise produced by the furniture is essential for this purpose.

In addition to the classroom, this need is increased in spaces such as libraries and study rooms. Noise from the shuffling of chairs and tables can be enough to cause discomfort and deconcentrate students, at the same time breaking the harmony that characterises them.

Other places where school ribbed inserts are practical are the spaces with a high influx of people, such as school canteens or school coffee shops. In both, the movement is constant, as are the inputs and outputs.


How to choose school ribbed inserts?

In all of the above-mentioned locations, school ribbed inserts reduce the noise generated by furniture dragging, it can be very high as minors do not have the awareness of adults. Moreover, due to furniture is in constant use, it is interesting to increase its lifetime; so that they last longer and in good condition.

Thirdly, all areas of educational establishments become dirty quickly, but thanks to virgin materials that can be used in the manufacture of ribbed inserts, dust and dirt accumulation on furniture are reduced.

However, how to choose the right school ribbed inserts? You must pay attention to the following aspects:

Noise level

As we have mentioned, each area of a school or educational establishment has its own needs. The level of silence required in a library is not the same as that required in a canteen. It is important to be able to assess specific needs, so that the school ribbed inserts that are chosen meet the expectations and are suitable for these needs.

Type of ground

The second factor to consider when choosing the ribbed inserts is the type of floor in each space. There are notable differences between tile or wooden floors, for example; not only in the level of noise they can generate, it also depends on the damage the furniture can cause.

Another common type of paving in schools is the linóleum, which is not only environmentally friendly and antibacterial, but also dust and static electricity repellent. The latter is a feature that is also shared by ribbed inserts made from virgin materials., such as those produced at FORTAPS. Depending on the type of floor, the part that best suits your requirements will be chosen.

Durability of furniture

The third aspect we mentioned at the beginning is the importance of extending the lifetime or durability of the furniture. However, in order to be able to adjust to these three factors and achieve the expected results, it is necessary to have manufacturers specialised in the production of ribbed inserts.


At FORTAPS, we have been working with this product for more than two decades for different sectors and we adapt to each client’s needs. We hope that you have learned more about the features of the recommended school ribbed inserts. For more information for your school, here you can find different ways to contact us.

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