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Industrial development and the production of goods in the field of ribbed inserts has been a task that we have carried out for more than 20 years. Experience in the sector has allowed us at FORTAPS, suppliers of ends, to implement an environmental management system. If you want to know more, keep reading this article.

As we know, global warming and the decline of the planet’s non-renewable resources are a reality. Increasingly, governments, companies and citizens are called to rethink their actions to counteract these evils. FORTAPS, supplier of ribbed inserts, is not far behind. Along these lines, we have modified industrial processes to achieve the best quality standards and, in turn, reduce their environmental impact.

And it is not only about offering a good service and quality products, but it must be done in a responsible way. This world belongs to everyone, and together we must take care of it.

We are the solution for all those who need ribbed inserts, ferrule, adjustable feet, and end caps. Likewise, we have an optimized system for receiving orders, manufacturing, stock, and distribution of our products. In addition to that, we make a responsible use of resources and waste.

What is an environmental management system?

When we talk about an environmental management system, we refer to all those tasks that seek to adapt an organization or company to what is known as sustainable development. Under this logic, the work carried out must comply with the highest number of indicators considered in the world and in Spain as responsible with the environment.

In this sense, FORTAPS, supplier of ribbed inserts, has not been left behind. Thus, our tools and manufacturing processes for ribbed inserts, ferrule, adjustable feet, and end caps have been adapted to sustainable development.

The benefits of these responsible actions help save energy and resources. This translates into better management within the company and greater protection of the planet. These tasks carried out through our environmental management system also have a positive impact on the quality of our products and have allowed FORTAPS to have an excellent reputation in the market. There are already more than 8,000 our satisfied customers.

Without a doubt, FORTAPS is positioned as a responsible company regarding environmental effects and that complies with national regulations in this regard. Among the certificates that prove it is the Bureau Veritas that we have had since 2003. Likewise, FORTAPS always tries to improve. Therefore, our processes will continue to be constantly reviewed to be able to keep up with responsible and safe environmental management. We continue to use better quality and safer materials.

What can you find in FORTAPS, supplier of ribbed inserts?

In our store you can find the largest number of ribbed inserts available on the market, and those that are not custom designed. The experience of FORTAPS, supplier of ribbed inserts, has earned it positive references and more clients that add to our portfolio.

The ribbed inserts available in FORTAPS have different shapes: square, round, rectangular, oval. There are also external ribbed inserts or levelling feet and special ribbed inserts. Our work not only focuses on the sale of pre-designed ribbed inserts since we specialize in the conceptualization and design of new pieces that adapt to the needs of our clients.

The quality of our products is proven by our thousands of customers and the years of experience we have. Not only that, but we are also committed to maintaining and perfecting our environmental management system to continue contributing to the care of the planet. Our manufacturing processes and tools continue to be improved to avoid harmful effects on the environment and to be part of the solution.

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