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To affirm that a ribbed insert works well, first, its resistance must be discussed. A ferrule must be resistant, we already referred to it when we talked about its characteristics.


The proper functioning of a ferrule

The ribbed insert, being made of plastic or rubber, can be perfectly adapted to a terminal end as an internal or external plug. But what are those 7 characteristics that it must have to say that the operation of a ferrule is ideal?

1. Resistance

We already said it at the beginning, resistance is the main characteristic that indicates the proper functioning of a ferrule. And when we refer to the resistance of the ferrule, we are talking about the magnitude of the maximum stress that it can withstand without breaking. That is, it does not break easily.

2. Adaptability as a characteristic in the operation of a ferrule

Adaptability is the ability to redistribute stress concentrations resulting from sudden changes in shape or section or from defects, through the local plasticity of the areas adjacent to the cause of the concentration. Therefore, it depends on the plasticity capacity of the material and the reserve strength between yield and fracture. In this sense, materials with ductile behaviour are more adaptable than those with brittle behaviour.

Adaptability tells us that a given ferrule adapts to a tube, the leg of a chair, a piece of furniture, etc., determined. This adaptability is found in both rubber and plastic ferrules. Being those of external thread or those of internal thread.

3. Immobility

Immobility is what will make it stay fixed at the time the auction is placed. For the proper functioning of a ribbed insert, it is necessary that it does not move or be altered. Because, if an end cap of a cane or crutch is not attached, it can cause an accident. It can also happen in a piece of furniture or a machine in a factory.

4. Flexibility

Although it seems contradictory to the above characteristics, flexibility will also be a sign of the proper functioning of a ferrule. In fact, flexibility is a word that comes from the Latin flexus, ‘bent’. And in this sense:

It is the bending deformation capacity of a structural element. Therefore, flexibility is the inverse of bending stiffness and relates the forces and displacements of two points in a structure. In this way, to be able to adapt to a material, it is important that the plug is flexible to fit well in the place where it is installed.

If we have a tube and we have an external rubber cap, it must be adapted to be fixed. In the case of an internal one, when it expands, it will be fixed inside the tube.

5. Adhesion: essential in the functioning of a ferrule

The term adhesion derives from the Latin word adhaerere (in Spanish, “to adhere”). And in physics it describes, consequently, the adherence of two substances or bodies. The exact meaning of adherence is as follows:

Physical state of an interconnecting surface arising between two contacting phases (i.e., solids with negligible flow pressure). Being the peculiarity of this state is that the phases involved (unlike magnetism) are joined mechanically. Well, a block for a chair, or a metal ladder, whether rubber or plastic, must adhere to the ground to avoid slipping.

6. Fixation

That a ribbed insert is fixed well is essential because it depends on it to work correctly. And this one must be still and not danced. Thus, the cue must be well seated on a chair or on a cane or in any other place where it has been placed. This will make the feeling you give one of security.

It is also important that it is well fixed to avoid accidents, since if it moves in any direction, in addition to losing it, we can have an accident. For this reason, fixing is synonymous with the proper functioning of a ferrule.

7. Security: something that is not negotiable in the operation of a ferrule

And finally, security. This would be the main characteristic and that summarizes the previous ones. It must give us security and make us feel that we are not in any danger when using a metal ladder, a chair, or a table. In addition, we must feel safe when using furniture or machinery that have ferrules to make good use of it.


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