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How to choose the correct rubber end caps

How to choose the correct rubber end caps

If you search the net, you can find lots of rubber end caps for chairs, tables, walking sticks and other utilities randomly. But if you’re looking for expert advice on choosing the best and right way for your needs, then you’ve come to the right place.


Rubber bumpers according to their shape

First, we must see what the real need is before choosing some rubber end caps or others. And it is that in FORTAPS we have all the rubber stoppers that you may need because we have them in multiple forms; we even have them square.


Rubber end caps as needed

You can also choose the rubber end caps according to their functionalities, since we may need them for some chairs, which can be different types and depending on the type, you must decide on one type or another. We might also need rubber feet for the dining or kitchen table legs. We may need the rubber plugs for the walking support stick that have been worn out by use… FORTAPS solves these problems for you because we have all kinds of plugs. You can also see the article detailing the types of rubber end caps and their common uses.

Silent movements: every time you move a chair or a table, does the sound of dragging on the floor bother you? With these earplugs you will never hear a noise again.

Protect the floor: protect the floor from possible scratches and erosion with the plugs.

These rubber feet for chairs and furniture are a protective barrier between the furniture and the floor.

They are easy to apply: these protectors for furniture do not need any adhesive to apply them, since they are made of rubber and can be screwed on.


But how do I choose them correctly?

It’s as simple as knowing the dimension you need. The size refers to the external diameter of the leg on which the ribbed insert is to be mounted. Thus, to the right extent, they are ideal for replacing and protecting the rubber ends of chairs, tables, stairs, ironing boards and other furniture legs. In addition, they serve to renew worn elements, reduce noise, and protect floors. But if you’re not sure of your measurements, ask for a measuring guide that has swatches of the right size to place the ferrule on the actual furniture leg. This will tell you what size you need.

However, remember that when measuring it is preferable to use a ruler, since this can be more precise than a tape measure, and a vernier calliper even better. And depending on the measurement obtained, you can look in the catalogue and you will know perfectly which is the most suitable stopper for your furniture. Remember that it is very necessary to check the diameter of the foot of the different pieces of furniture before purchasing the rubber stoppers, since the appropriate size will give you a better experience. For this, these must be:

  • Wide use: the rubber stoppers can be installed on all furniture: chairs, stools, tables, folding chairs, consoles, TV cabinets, sofas.
  • High quality: made of vulcanized rubber, non-slip and wear resistant. And you won’t need nails or glue to install them, you can install them directly, they are very solid and won’t move at will.
  • Easy to install – we have a variety of sizes for you to choose from.
  • Suitable for the floor: The wooden floors you may have in the house are very easy to scratch but using our rubber chair end caps can prevent scratches on the floor, and the floor can be better protected and have a longer life.

Choosing the rubber end cap is not that difficult, the only thing you must be clear about is your need and search our website for the model that best suits you. And remember that vulcanized rubber gives us very good results, standing out for its aesthetics, hygiene and safety, anti-slip, and shock absorption.

Contact us and we will be happy to assist you and give you our expert advice.


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What are the levelling feet and what are their uses?

What are the levelling feet and what are their uses?

The uses of the levelling feet can be in different ways and are used to stabilize a wide range of furniture. In addition, with the height adjustment feature that allows the furniture to be levelled when installed on uneven ground.

There are a wide variety of combinations and sizes available, meaning there is a type to suit every application. At FORTAPS, spindles can be combined with various types of threaded feet, allowing customers to specify the use of levelling feet to their exact needs.


Different uses of levelling feet

When raising a piece of furniture:

One of the most popular uses of this type of feet is to lift a piece of furniture. The longer the thread size, the more height you can add by screwing/unscrewing to the required height. Most feet provide stability even on the longest thread sizes to prevent wobbling.

To level an object:

In addition to being able to add height to an object, specific types of adjustable feet are designed specifically for use in levelling. These include articulated and tilted feet. This design is recommended for uneven floors or applications with different height levels.

To reduce vibration and noise:

When looking to reduce the vibrations and noise experienced by a foot, these products are ideal. They allow a greater distance between the ground and the object in question, which reduces vibrations and general noise that might otherwise have prevailed.

When frequent height adjustment is required:

Another common use for levelling feet includes their use as height adjusters. This allows you to raise or lower an object according to your needs. This is frequently seen in portable racks and stalls, where they are periodically adjusted to suit daily needs. For this ease, slotted heads and polyamide feet are suggested. Why use adjustable feet?

Now that you have a better idea of ​​when exactly these types of feet are used, we are going to describe some of the main reasons why they are used, in addition to what has already been said.

Adjustable feet can be specifically chosen to suit your usage and weight requirements. Larger thread sizes and base diameters provide the best weight capacities compared to smaller sizes.


Levelling feet in FORTAPS

It is very important to have the proper materials and sizes of levelling feet, depending on their intended use. At FORTAPS, with the range of sizes and materials that we have available, our range of levelling feet is extremely flexible to be suitable for different applications.


Installation of our levelling feet

Mounting the levelling feet is a quick and easy process depending on the spindle and foot plate combination required. For standard foot plates, the ball at the base of the stud is pressed or tapped into the opposite spherical recess in the foot plate. The feet are self-aligning and assembled using the mounting kit, the spindle is inserted into the base and locked in place by the fixing kit’s threaded lock through the footrest base on the spindle.

If you would like to inquire about purchasing levelling feet, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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Our sectors of activity: manufacturer of fences and enclosures

Our sectors of activity: manufacturer of fences and enclosures

Fences and enclosures are valuable accessories for the garden or for the safety of a construction site. For this reason, we will also highlight the importance of having good ribbed inserts for fences and for enclosures.

One of the biggest problems with both fences and enclosures is the posts. And it is that, after years of exposure to the elements, especially the tops of the posts are often broken, or rotten. That’s where fencing inserts and fence enclosure inserts come in.

Install them when you install your new fence or enclosure, and you can enjoy your investment for many more years!

What are the ribbed inserts for fences and the ribbed inserts for enclosures?

Fence ribbed inserts are a cover that goes over the top of posts on a deck or fence. Most people think of post caps as a decorative item. In that sense, we manufacture them in two colours, white and black. Black is the most common colour because it goes with everything, while white is less common, as it is often difficult to match when replacing fencing ribbed inserts.

The ribbed inserts for the fences and their posts also come in a variety of material options. Wood used to be one of the most popular materials in the old days, but like posts, wooden ribbed inserts could quickly rot and were prone to splitting, fungal growth and damage from pests. The fencing ends that we manufacture based on low-density polypropylene (LDPE) are a better alternative, as they will stand the test of time because they are particularly more resistant to UV rays.


Ribbed inserts for fences and ribbed inserts for enclosures: materials

In a previous post we have explained the importance of the materials in the manufacture of ribbed inserts for fences and for enclosures. In this one, we will stop at the more sustainable materials. And it is that we design ribbed inserts with the end of its useful life in mind. Whether the part is a single or multiple use item, we consider the optimal materials and design, which can be easily recycled. The most recycled plastics are PELD (Low Density Polyethylene).


Ribbed inserts for fences and ribbed inserts for enclosures are more than just a finish

The trailing end is the most vulnerable part of a fence post or fence post. In wet weather, the tops of the posts will absorb more water than any other part of the post. This leads to the growth of mold, fungus and moss and eventually rot. The tops of fence posts are also more exposed to sun and wind, which dries out the wood and causes it to crack.

The ribbed inserts for fences and the end caps for enclosures solve all those problems by protecting posts from the elements. Your fences and fences will not only last much longer but will also be more secure. Since the rough edges remain hidden under the lid, it is unlikely that you will be injured by a splinter. In addition, depending on the ferrules you choose, they also offer valuable protection against birds and other wildlife.


How to choose fencing inserts or fencing inserts

Before you commit to a certain size, get out a tape measure and double check the measurements. You’ll want to make sure that the new ribbed inserts for fences or for enclosures fit snugly, but not lose or too tight. Keep in mind that when post caps are tight around the post, there is a risk of post cap breakage. This happens because wood or metal expand or dilate with changes in temperature or the passage of time. Not only that, but a snug fit will not allow ambient moisture to evaporate, which can cause posts to rot and rust more quickly.

The ribbed inserts for the closures are not just for decoration. They are also a wonderful way to keep terraces and fences in good condition for a long time. It’s a small price to pay for something that can add years to the life of your investment.

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The use of ribbed inserts in sports and fitness furniture

The use of ribbed inserts in sports and fitness furniture

Ribbed inserts are elements that help protect furniture or different accessories and offer a better experience to the end user. We can find tips for chairs, tables, metal structures, crutches… even for fitness furniture. In this article we will focus on talking about the latter, about the ribbed inserts for sports and fitness furniture, which significantly help the safety and functionality of gym materials and furniture.

What are the uses of ribbed inserts in sport?

As we mentioned at the beginning, ribbed inserts are protection devices that are used to cover the legs of chairs, tables, or other types of furniture for different purposes. Its functionality is more than proven, especially in tips for sports. For this reason, first and as a preliminary step, we will quickly review the function of the ribbed inserts of the furniture of a gym. In this way, we will be sure that we can better understand the characteristics that these elements should have.

Features of ribbed inserts in sport

  • They avoid noise: for example, when we lift a bench to exercise, or simply a chair in the locker room, the first reflex is to drag the furniture. However, a chair with ribbed inserts installed on its legs would eliminate these inconveniences associated with use and, therefore, a better user experience.
  • Floor Protection: Just as furniture ribbed inserts prevent noise, they also keep scratches or marks on the floor. For this reason, it is advisable to choose the most suitable option for the type of floor on which the furniture is going to be used.
  • Security: the ribbed inserts in sports allow guaranteeing the safe use of fitness equipment, which is the most important thing that any gym needs. The ribbed insert is your perfect product, because, thanks to its implementation, it allows you to minimize any type of risk. Like, for example, that a client ends up slipping while doing some exercise.

Once the functionalities of the gym furniture corner pieces have been detailed, it is essential to highlight which furniture or accessories make up these types of spaces, to know where to incorporate the ribbed inserts.

What is the ribbed insert furniture in gyms?

The most common set of sports furniture in a gym consists of the following elements:

  • Phenolic cabins, which protect the privacy of users while they shower or change clothes.
  • Benches to sit on, lean on, and drop off bags or clothes when you’re fully kitted out and ready for physical activity
  • Phenolic lockers for users to store clothing, sports bags, and other items.
  • Fitness materials. They are all the accessories that help to carry out bodybuilding exercises in a gym. Among them, we highlight the benches to do weights.

The ribbed inserts are very valuable elements for all this material. For example, in benches without a backrest, it is recommended to place ribbed inserts at the ends of the structure to ensure that the furniture does not move as a result of an uneven floor, for example.

FORTAPS: specialists in ribbed inserts manufacturing

The sport ribbed inserts placed at the ends of the furniture are an essential element to achieve the best experience for the end user. For this reason, its incorporation into the manufacturing and assembly chain of certain types of structures is essential. Especially for those pieces whose use implies some type of movement.

All these properties are fulfilled perfectly at the end of our products manufactured by FORTAPS. In addition, we adapt to the needs of each client, offering you individual solutions. And, above all, always complying with the quality parameters according to ISO 9001:2015.

Do you want to know more? Contact us and we will solve your query.

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Different uses of exterior ribbed inserts

Different uses of exterior ribbed inserts

The ribbed inserts are pieces of various materials, mainly plastic, which are placed at the end of an object to protect it. Originally, the ferrule was a helmet made of iron or blade that was used in the medieval period to thicken shields and make them more robust. Its primary function was to tone the ends and prevent the width of this antelope from succumbing to a fight. Currently, there are ribbed inserts of various types of ribbed inserts, depending on their material and purpose. However, in this article we will focus on talking about the exterior ribbed inserts.

What are the exterior ribbed inserts?

The exterior ribbed inserts are pieces of great versatility. Their inclusion is essential in certain groups of metal structures, and their participation in the assembly of certain metal frames allows them to maximize their effectiveness. This is the main reason why manufacturers and experts in assembling metal structures are aware of the need for these elements.

Considering what was explained in the previous point, it is time to answer the main question: What is the purpose of including exterior ribbed inserts in certain structures, and specifically, metallic ones? Next, we explain its different uses.

Uses of exterior ribbed inserts

Termination to avoid accidents

It is not difficult to imagine that when the metal structure is installed, it is very likely that some dangerous spots will remain on it. For example, this is the case when the metal has chipped or rough finishes after cutting. Or the location of the junction point between one and the other substructure. In these cases, the ribbed inserts serve as an element designed to cover these areas, thus eliminating the possibility of scratches, cuts, etc.

Grip and support points

As part of the metal frame, the plastic exterior ribbed insert also serves as a grip or support. The plastic material is resistant and prevents possible slipping very effectively. Furthermore, in the case of FORTAPS, especially the specific use of high- and low-density polyethylene, thermoplastic rubber, or ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), a very high resistance is guaranteed. Therefore, it is ensured that it fully responds to structural conditions, thermal changes, etc. They are also very durable like the environment they face during their life.

In another sense, these components, also due to their manufacturing materials, have great advantages, because they have a high resistance to the exercise of force. This makes the ribbed inserts a strong and solid support.


FORTAPS: experts in the manufacture of tips

At FORTAPS we focus very well on the preparation of each project and commercialization of exterior ribbed inserts. We have more than 20 years of experience using the latest technologies in computerized machining to offer the highest quality parts.

In our catalogue, you can find different models of plastic exterior ribbed inserts. All of them are guaranteed production under strict quality controls. We pay the utmost attention to processes and materials to ensure your satisfaction. In addition, we offer alternatives that are adapted to the specific needs of each client.

In this sense, our ribbed inserts, whether made of plastic or any other material, have various installation mechanisms. However, all of them are extremely easy to place, without the need for special experience or skills. In addition, at FORTAPS we offer the possibility of creating customizable exterior ribbed inserts. You just must send us your design, or engraved with the relief, even with the logo or corporate identity that you require, and we will adapt it.

Advice is our experience, so we are ready to answer all your questions. Contact us!

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Importance of non-slip ribbed inserts

Importance of non-slip ribbed inserts

The ribbed inserts are pieces that can have multiple functions. But one of the most important is associated with the safety of people: they are non-slip. Depending on the material that is chosen for its elaboration, the non-slip ribbed inserts can be used to be installed on tools to ensure the mobility of those who require help.

Surely it is very easy to associate the ferrules with the use on chair or shelf legs. Perhaps this is one of the most common uses. However, it is not the only one. It is also possible to find ribbed inserts at the ends of other objects to give people grip and security, for example, on canes, walkers, crutches. For this reason, you must choose the type of the ferrule piece you want. Specifically, its material and test the adaptability it has and the comfort it provides.

Next, we are going to explain what non-slip ferrules are. Which are fundamental in many cases since they offer security and comfort to people.

Why they are important?

The ribbed inserts are located at the end of a tube so that it is not exposed to the surface with which it will constantly have contact. A ferrule can be used on chairs, tables, furniture, desks, shelves, and many structures whose tubes can be exposed.

These parts protect the tube from wear and dirt to which it may be exposed. They also prevent metal contacting the ground from making unpleasant noises. In turn, they serve to prevent these tubes from slipping on the ground and can cause accidents.

Imagine a chair without ribbed inserts. When someone tries to sit up, they could slip due to not having enough grip with the surface where it is placed. It could cause the person to lose balance and fall. The same can happen if we talk about metal shelves, on which different objects are usually placed. If they do not have a suitable ferrule, they could slide off and cause everything on it to fall and cause an accident.

That is why they are important, because they provide greater grip on surfaces. In the area of ​​medical implements, we can also see the use of non-slip ribbed inserts. In this case we could say that this quality of the ferrules can be the difference between life and death.

The non-slip ribbed inserts can be installed on walking sticks, walkers, crutches, and other implements that help older adults and people with mobility difficulties. Therefore, they need good support, provide security and comfort.

The tips are very useful

The health of people depends on these pieces that are placed at the end of the tube that will have contact with the ground. Thus, if the surface is very smooth or if there is some type of liquid, the tube will not be exposed and it is possible to prevent it from slipping, endangering the safety of the user to facilitate their mobility.

If you want to know more about the tips and their uses, you can visit our page.

Where to find the best non-slip ferrules?

The ribbed inserts can have aesthetic uses, but you also must know that they are important for safety. In any case, if you are looking for non-slip ferrules and want to have a quality guarantee, you are in the right place. At FORTAPS we have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of these parts. In addition, our processes have been adapted to generate the least environmental impact and be sustainable.

Our work is most recommended over time, and, without a doubt, we can help you. Discover all our products, their materials and uses through our website, or contact us!


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