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External plastic end caps are highly versatile parts, and their installation is essential to a variety of metallic structures. Indeed their role in the assembly of some metal frames is responsible for maximizing their usefulness.

This is the main reason why both manufacturers and specialists in the assembly of metal structures are well aware of the need for these elements. But it never hurts to put such important functionalities under even closer scrutiny. How about conducting a piece-by-piece examination of the relationship between external plastic end caps and metal structures?

What metal structures are we talking about?

Starting from the beginning, let’s first talk about the hosts of the end caps that give this article its title, so as to better understand their requirements.

When we talk about metallic structures we are referring to a series of systems made up of various metal parts. In many cases, they play a leading role in construction processes. On the one hand, they can function as the internal skeleton of a building, prepared to withstand certain forces. On the other hand, they can also be used as external frames, e.g. for facades, roofs, etc.

In either case, we are dealing with an area, namely construction, that deserves special attention in terms of safety, in at least two respects. First it is necessary to ensure that the work of operators is carried out with all the safeguards. But also that the finished assembly complies with all the safety requirements required on each occasion. And in both cases, there is no doubt that the involvement of external plastic end caps is vital.

Uses of external plastic end caps on steel structures

In view of what has been explained above, it is now time to answer the main question: What is the purpose of incorporating external plastic end caps into the metal structures we have described? Suffice to say that the transcendent importance of end caps stems from their relationship with the term “safety”.

Finishes to avoid accidents.

It is easy to imagine that when a metallic structure is installed, it is quite possible that they continue to exhibit certain dangerous points. This is the case, for example, for terminations where the metal is chipped or roughened after cutting. Or in places where the connections between one substructure and the other are located. On these occasions, end caps function as elements designed to cover these areas, preventing the possibility of scratches, cuts, etc.

Gripping and support points.

As part of a metallic structure, outer plastic end caps also play the role of grip or support. The plastic material used is resistant and very effective in preventing possible slippage. And in the case of FORTAPS the specific use of high and low-density polyethylene, thermoplastic rubber, or ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), ensures extremely high resistance. Therefore, its appropriate response to construction conditions, thermal variations, etc., is guaranteed. Such as the environment to which they will be subjected in the course of a very hard-wearing useful life.

Meanwhile these pieces, also thanks to the materials from which they are made, possess great advantages due to their high resistance to the exercise of force. This makes the end caps firm and solid supports.


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